Which Modern Actress Are You?

These modern actresses will soon be living legends! The question is: which modern actress are you really most like? Do you have the chops of Meryl Streep? How about the charm of Emma Stone? Take these quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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Would you rather sing or dance?
Can I just focus on my craft?

Question 2/10
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Which of these things is the most important to you?

Question 3/10
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Are you graceful?
I'm very graceful!
I'm somewhat graceful.
I'm not really graceful at all.

Question 4/10
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Which role would you want to play the most?
A history maker
A heroine
An everyday woman
An artist
The bad gal

Question 5/10
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How do you feel about the media?
They're fake news.
They're just doing their job.
They're invasive.
They help highlight what's going on.
Any press is good press.

Question 6/10
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You're often described as...

Question 7/10
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What do you feel most comfortable wearing?
Jeans and a t-shirt
A glamorous dress
Yoga pants
A big comfy sweater
A designer blazer

Question 8/10
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How private are you?
I'm extremely private.
I'm somewhat private.
I'm an open book!

Question 9/10
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What's your favorite decade?
The 20s
The 30s
The 40s
The 50s
The 60s

Question 10/10
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Which word defines you?

Meryl Streep
The modern actress that you're most like is Meryl Streep! Much like this living legend, you're a strong, confident, robust, and wise woman who knows what she wants in life. You're not afraid to take a risk or step outside of your comfort zone. Others look to you for leadership, advice, and a guiding hand.

Amy Adams
The modern actress that you're most like is Amy Adams! Much like this award winning actress, you're intelligent, compassionate, big hearted, and sweet. You have a kindness that knows no bounds and a selfless nature that allows you to give without wanting anything in return. Others look to you for compassion, wisdom, and warmth.

Emma Stone
The modern actress that you're most like is Emma Stone! Much like this young actress, you're quirky, witty, bright, charming, and humorous! Though you're still navigating the ups and downs of life, you can combat any situation with your trademark humor and quick wit. Others see you as totally charming, stylish, and full of passion.

Jessica Chastain
The modern actress that you're most like is Jessica Chastain! Much like this award winning actress, you're strong, resilient, outspoken, and totally confident. You know who you are and you aren't willing to compromise your own morals to make someone else happy. Others see you as a pillar of strength and a role model.

Jennifer Lawrence
The modern actress that you're most like is Jennifer Lawrence! Much like this beloved actress, you are confident, bold, forthcoming, and bright! You don't hold back in any aspect of your life. You're not one to bite your tongue or play it safe, even it it riles up a little controversy! Others see you as a bold and audacious woman who knows how to get what she wants!

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