Which Old School Comedy Legend Are You?

These female comedy legends have had us laughing for decades! But when it comes right down to it, which old school comedy legend are you? Do you share a personality with the iconic Carol Burnett? Perhaps, you're more Lucille Ball. Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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Style- how would you describe yours?

Question 2/10
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Choose the era you'd most like to go back to:

Question 3/10
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You're telling your co-workers about a monstrous date you had last night. They are...
Crying in laughter.
Trying not to make eye contact.
Staring at you in disbelief.
Laughing hysterically.
Half listening.

Question 4/10
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When you're at a coffee shop, you're mostly....
Running an inner dialogue on everyone around me.
People watching.
Savoring my drink.
Talking to anyone who will listen.
Reading the papers.

Question 5/10
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You use social media for...
Sharing videos and memes.
Entertaining everyone I know.
Posting wacky photos.
Giving my opinion.
I don't use social media.

Question 6/10
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It's Friday night. What are you doing?
Watching TV, obviously.
Hitting the local karaoke bar.
Dining with friends.
Hanging with my cat.
Going out on a date.

Question 7/10
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Humor is...
A marker of intelligence.
A way to connect.
What you make it.
A tool for survival.

Question 8/10
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You have to perform in a talent show tomorrow. Your performance is..
A little made up dance.
A hula hoop.
Open mic standup.
Flaming batons.
I'd never do a talent show.

Question 9/10
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What kind of first impressions do you make?
Lasting ones.
Good ones.
Bad ones.
Weird ones.

Question 10/10
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You pride yourself on being very....

Carol Burnett
You’re most like comedy legend Carol Burnett! You’re all about physical comedy and being as clever as a fox. You seem to know the right thing to say to get a laugh in even the most tense of moments. People just can’t help but laugh every time you’re around!

Betty White
You’re most like comedy legend Betty White! On the outside- you come across as rather unassuming and charming. You don’t exactly seem like the type to have a dirty mouth or a sarcastic remark just waiting to let loose. Yet, once you get started, you’re a laugh riot whose delivery is unrivaled.

Lucille Ball
You’re most like comedy legend Lucille Ball! Some people just have it: the charm, the wit, and the looks. You’re one of those people whose comedic timing and delivery is simply unrivaled. Keeping up with your quick humor is about as simple as trying to herd cats.

Gilda Radner
You’re most like comedy legend Gilda Radner! Intelligent and clever, your humor packs punches and knows how to make a point. You’re not afraid to be a little silly and you certainly can hold your own with the boys. You pride yourself on being strong, quick, and always on the ready with a great joke or observation.

Joan Rivers
You’re most like a comedy legend Joan Rivers! You’re fluent in Sailor speak, which means you curse almost as much as you breath. While you’re not afraid to drop an f-bomb or get a little dirty to make a joke, you still come across as a rather put together and charming woman, until you open your mouth that is!

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