Which Orange Is The New Black Inmate Are You?

The ladies of Orange Is The New Black are anything but basic. Often complicated, these inmates offer more than what meets the eye. Do you know which inmate you are most like? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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What are your thoughts on rules?
Rules are just suggestions
Rules are made to be broken
I always follow the rules
I follow the rules most of the time
It depends on how I'm feeling that day

Question 2/10
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How do you feel about being alone for long periods of time?
It makes me anxious and paranoid
I quite enjoy being alone
It tends to make me angry
I feel quiet and sad when alone
Eh, there are worse things

Question 3/10
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How would your best friend describe you in one word?

Question 4/10
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Which hobby can you see yourself enjoying?
Jewelry making
Soap making

Question 5/10
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How trustworthy are you?
I'm extremely trustworthy
I wouldn't trust me
I'm kind of trustworthy
It depends on how my day is going

Question 6/10
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In the event of an impending apocalyptic event, what would you bring to survive?
My pets
My books
My curling iron
My favorite blanket
My favorite snacks

Question 7/10
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If you were to take part in a movie, what role would you want?
Lead actress
Supporting actress

Question 8/10
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What's your biggest pet peeve?
Obnoxious laughter
Loud chewers
People who think they're always right
Bad hygiene

Question 9/10
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What kind of book would you most want to read?

Question 10/10
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If you could only have one of the following, which would you choose?
A million dollars
A fully furnished mansion
A time mchine
A private island
A Hollywood lover

Piper Chapman
The Orange is the New Black inmate that you're most like is Piper Chapman! Much like Piper, you can at comes come across as a bit self righteous or 'holier than thou.' This can lead to some misunderstandings with others. Despite this, you're self aware enough to reflect no any negative actions or traits and do your best to work on any flaws.

Alex Vause
The Orange is the New Black inmate that you're most like is Alex Vause! Much like Alex, you're a witty and street smart woman with a knack for staying calm in terse situations. You're highly intellectual and can almost always be found with a book in hand.

Tiffany Doggett
The Orange is the New Black inmate that you're most like is Tiffany Doggett! Much like Tiffany, you're very outspoken and opinionated. You don't care what others think and live your life on your own terms. You're not easily intimidated or manipulated by others.

Lorna Morello
The Orange is the New Black inmate that you're most like is Lorna Morello! Much like Lorna, you're sweet and soft hearted. Even in the worst situations, you can remain chipper and optimistic, often to the chagrin of your less positive peers.

Red Reznikov
The Orange is the New Black inmate that you're most like is Red Reznikov! Much like Red, you're keen and intellectual. You have strong leadership skills which allows you to rule your world with an iron fist. Though some are intimidated by you, your soft heart can shine through on rare occasions!

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