Which Phrase Should You Use Based On Your Personality?

Do you know what phrase you should use based on your personality? The phrase that depicts you can be more telling than you might think! Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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In your opinion, what's your best feature?
My optimism
My sense of humor
My passion for life
My tenacity
My adaptability

Question 2/10
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What is your greatest weakness?
I'm easily hurt
I'm quite shy
I second guess myself
I'm very impatient
I don't handle criticism well

Question 3/10
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Within your group of friends, you're the one that....
Plans all of our outings
Is the shoulder to cry on
Keeps the peace
Incities laughter
Brings the fun

Question 4/10
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Most days you truly feel...

Question 5/10
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Wha do you typically do during your lunch break?
I keep working
I eat obviously
I talk with my co-workers
I go for a walk

Question 6/10
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In a crisis you tend to...
Keep calm and find a solution
Freak out and panic
Look to others for help

Question 7/10
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Is the month you were born in odd or even?

Question 8/10
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Do you prefer quiet indoor hobbies or outdoor hobbies?
Indoor hobbies
Outdoor hobbies
I like both

Question 9/10
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What kind of colors do you like the most?
Bold hues
Calming pastesl
Placid neutrals

Question 10/10
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How organized is your desk at home or work?
Very organized
Somewhat organized
Not organized at all

"Back To Square One."
Based on your personality, the common phrase that you should use most is "Back to square one." You're a highly resilient person who doesn't take failure as the end of the line. Instead, you take failure as a start, a way to try again and do it better on the next pass.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"
The common phrase that you should use based on your personality is "Actions speak louder than words." You've always been a firm believer in making good choices that don't harm others or the world at large. You know that your actions often reflect more heavily upon you than words!

"Best Thing Since Sliced Bread"
The phrase that you should use based on your personality is the "Best thing since sliced bread!" You're a happy go lucky person who has no problem proclaiming things to be "amazing" or "original." Your upbeat attitude is truly refreshing in a world of cynics!

"Blessing In Disguise"
The phrase that you should use based on your personality is "Blessing in disguise!" Some moments in your life have seemed trying and difficult to endure, but over time, you began to see those moments as a true blessing in disguisde. Often the most challenging of times can prove the most rewarding!

"Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining"
The phrase that you should use based on your personality is "Every cloud has a silver lining!" One of the greatest things about you, is your ability to find the good in almost any situation. Even in moments of duress, you look for the silving lining and never give up.

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