Which Summer Dessert Is Your Personality?

With summer just around the corner, it's time to find out which summer dessert your personality is most like! Embark on this quiz and discover which sweet summer confection you might really be most like.

Question 1/10
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What kind of footwear do you rock in the summer?
Flip flops

Question 2/10
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If you could drive one of the following cars, which would you drive?
Toyota Prius
Ford Mustang
Volkswagen Beetle
Honda Civic
Jeep Wrangler

Question 3/10
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You have the ability to make anyone...
Cheer up
Feel included

Question 4/10
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When you want something you....
Ask for it
Earn it
Take it
Dream about it

Question 5/10
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What matters most?
Both style and substance

Question 6/10
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When you're feeling uninspired, what do you do?
I meditate
I seek out my friends
I decompress
I get moving
I try something I've never done before

Question 7/10
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What's your after dinner ritual?
Going for a walk
Reading a good book
Hanging out with the family
Taking a relaxing bath
Watching some TV

Question 8/10
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What's your favorite ice cream?
Vanilla or chocolate
Mint chip
Rocky road
Peanut butter cup

Question 9/10
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Are you a dog person or a cat person?
Dog person
Cat person

Question 10/10
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What's your favorite 80's movie?
When Harry Met Sally
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Sixteen Candles
Back to the Future

Strawberry Shortcake
The summer dessert that you're most like is strawberry shortcake! Much like this summer dessert, you're a light and welcome palette cleanse. You're always pleasant to be around and never rub anyone the wrong way. You can get along with anyone and everyone!

Lemon Bars
The summer dessert that you're most like is lemon bars! Much like this dessert, you're easy going and delightfully optimistic. You truly personify the age old saying of turning "lemons into lemonade." Your positivity is infectious!

Banana Split
The summer dessert that you're most like is the banana split! Much like this classic and beloved dessert, you're truly an old soul with a love of all things vintage. You often feel as if you were born in the wrong era, which leads you to long for a much simpler time.

Blueberry Pie
The summer dessert that you're most like is blueberry pie! Much like this classic summer dessert, you're not only fun to be around, you're a true crowd pleaser. You're almost always the center of attention at every event and summer party you attend.

Coconut Cream Pie
The summer dessert you're most like is coconut cream pie! Much like this cool and refreshing pie, you're a breath of fresh air from the norm. There is no one quite like you on earth. With a killer sense of humor and knack for adapting to any situation, it's no wonder you're so popular amongst your peers!

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