Which Tense Are You Living Your Life In?

Some of us live life in the present tense and some of us are still stuck in the past. Which tense are you living your life in each day? Is it the tense you should be focused on? Let's find out where you're at in life!

Question 1/10
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Imagine a restaurant. Which table would you like?
The seat with a window view.
A seat at the bar.
A quiet seat in the corner.

Question 2/10
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Where would you like to stay on your vacation?
A secluded cabin.
A country inn.
A beach bungalow.

Question 3/10
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You are in a curiosity shop. What do you buy?
Some vintage jewelry.
An hourglass.
Velveteen rabbit.

Question 4/10
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If you were the lead character in a movie, what would the movie be about?
A solo adventure.
A success story.
A modern romance.

Question 5/10
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What haven't you ever had enough of?

Question 6/10
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What are your first thoughts in the morning?
Can I just hide under the covers?
Another great new day!
How long till this is over?

Question 7/10
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Pick a color:

Question 8/10
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Visualize being congratulated. Where are you?
A new home.
At the office.
A finish line.

Question 9/10
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What would you like for a present?
A trip abroad

Question 10/10
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What do you stress about the most?

Past Tense
You're living your life in past tense. Most of the time, you just can't help but think about your past and focus on what has already been done. Whether it's mistakes you made or good moments you had, you live your life backwards instead of forwards.

Present Tense
You live your life in the present tense! Congratulations, you've learned the true secret to happiness- focusing on "now." You don't look back and you certainly don't look forward. You simply focus on the here and now. You're only given this single moment, might as well enjoy it!

Future Tense
You live your life in the future tense! You're not focused on the past or the present, because you're all about what's yet to come. You live your life with the future in mind, always doing what you can to ensure happiness and prosperity for years to come.

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