Which Year From The 1970s Fits You Most?

Do you know which year from the 1970s best fits your unique personality? The answer may not be the year you have in mind. Let's find out which year you're most like in this decade!

Question 1/10
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What's your natural hair color?
I'd rather not say

Question 2/10
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Which bathing suit would you most like to wear to the beach?
High cut one piece
High wasted two piece
Skimpy bikini
Halter neck one piece
Modest skirted one piece

Question 3/10
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Which artist are you most likely to belt out in the shower?
Bee Gees
The Who
Carly Simon

Question 4/10
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Which jacket would you most like to throw on?
Leather jacket
Bomber jacket
Denim jacket
Aviator jacket
Trench coat

Question 5/10
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What is your most striking facial feature?
My eyes
My nose
My smile
My hair
None of these

Question 6/10
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How are your dance moves?
They're not existent
I can hold my own
They're decent
They're fantastic

Question 7/10
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Would you ever wear cowboy boots?
I already wear cowboy boots
I would definitely wear cowboy boots
I would never wear cowboy boots

Question 8/10
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Which of the following is most appetizing to you?
A burger and fries
A milkshake
A steak with garlic butter
Macaroni and cheese
Chinese takeout

Question 9/10
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How do you feel about family gatherings?
I avoid them like the plague
I love them and look forward to them
They can be fun but often end in arguments
I honestly loathe them

Question 10/10
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How do you get around town?
In a sensible mid-sized car
In a muscle car
On foot
On my bike
In a truck or SUV

The year from the 1970s that best fits you is 1972! 1972 was a year of progress both in culture and in technology. You've always been an innovative gal with a love problem solving and inventing. This year truly matches your curious personality!

The year of the 1970s that best suits you is 1974! Much like you, 1974 was a varied and diverse year full of unique challenges. You've never been a static person who is afraid of change or taking on a new challenge. You meet every moment head on without fear. Keep being you!

The year of the 1970s that you're most like is 1971! You're a committed activist who values her causes above material possessions or wealth! Much like this year, you're all about bringing the big changes without compromising quality of life. One day, you'll likely change the world for the better.

The year you're most like is 1977! Sure, 1977 had its ups and downs, but this year was all about embracing life to the fullest. Much like this time period, you're a social butterfly who values friendship and experience above all else. Life isn't perfect, but it's always sweeter when you're in the company of good friends!

Based on the results of this quiz, you are most like 1979! You're a curious individual who loves to embrace new trends and go with the flow. Technology fascinates you, as does fashion and music. You're always willing to try new things and shake life up a bit!

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