Who Really Understands You?

Do you think you know who really understands who you are? Does anyone? Take this quiz and find out who gets you!

Do you think you know who really understands who you are? Does anyone? Take this quiz and find out who gets you!

Question 1/10
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Are you currently married?
It's complicated

Question 2/10
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Would you be offended if someone said you are exactly like your mother?
It depends on the day

Question 3/10
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Does religion play a big role in your life?
Not at all
I'm conflicted

Question 4/10
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Who do you share your deepest secrets with?
My significant other
My mother
My father
My best friend
No one

Question 5/10
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Who would you go to for life advice?
Someone my age
Someone older than me
Someone who knows me well
Someone I trust

Question 6/10
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How often do you argue with your loved ones?
All of the time
Every now and then

Question 7/10
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Who do you call when you're bored or lonely?
Someone I can have a good conversation with
Someone I can invite over
I don't call anyone, I pray
Someone who is a good listener

Question 8/10
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Where you can be found on a holiday?
Drinking with my dad
Helping my mom in the kitchen
At church
Cracking inside jokes with my significant other
Eating too much with my best friend
None of these

Question 9/10
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What do you believe is the most important thing in life?

Question 10/10
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What makes you laugh?
Situational comedy
Funny facial expressions
Family drama

My Husband
Your husband understands you. There's a reason why you chose to spend your life with your husband, he understands you and loves you in a way that no one else ever could. You feel free to completely be yourself with your husband, never feeling embarrassed, or shameful about who you are.

My Mother
Your mother understands you. Who knows a child better than a mother? From the very beginning, she was a witness to your struggles and triumphs. Rooting for you in a way that no else ever could. Your mother understands you in an intimate and special way, aware of your faults and strengths.

My Father
Your father understands you. Father's hold a special place in their children's hearts, knowing and understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and values in a way that no one else really can. When it comes to feeling understood, you know that you can go to your father with anything and everything.

God most understands you. When it comes to feeling understood, you truly feel that no one knows you the way that God does. God holds a special place in your heart. You look to him for comfort, strength, and peace. You know that you are perfect in his eyes, and so you feel most understood by him alone.

My Best Friend
Your best friend understands you! There's a reason why your best friend is your best friend, they know and love you for everything that you are. They understand you on a cellular level, embracing your weaknesses and celebrating your strengths.

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