Who Were You Married To In Your Past Life?

Who held your hand in marriage?

Who held your hand in marriage?

Question 1/10
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What is your preference?
I prefer women
I prefer men
I'm okay with both

Question 2/10
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How old are you?

Question 3/10
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Do you prefer your lover to be older?
I don't care
Both is fine

Question 4/10
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Would you rather have a humble partner or egotistical partner?
I don't care

Question 5/10
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Could you tame a bad boy/girl?
Not at all
Of course
I'm not too sure

Question 6/10
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How rebellious are you?
I'm very rebellious
I'm not at all

Question 7/10
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Do you prefer your partner to be romantic?
Yes I do
No I don't
It doesn't matter

Question 8/10
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Do you need constant attention from your partner?
Yes I do
No I don't
I'm okay either way

Question 9/10
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Do you believe love is forever?
One hundred percent
Not really
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
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Would you marry someone even if your whole family was against it?
Yes I would
Not at all
It depends

James Dean
This adventurous and brave man was the one who held your heart. You were the bad girl to his bad boy and you guys were inseparable.

Elvis Presely
This smooth singing was your soulmate. Even if you were in a crowd watching his performance, you could see he had only eyes for you.

John Lennon
This quiet and peaceful guy was the one who held your hand. You were always by his side, relaxed and at peace.

Audrey Hepburn
This beautiful Hollywood starlet was the person who held your hand. You always showed up to movie premieres hand in hand.

The queen of pop would have been your gal back then. While she may still be alive now, you two would have separated before you passed.

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