Will You Live To Be 100?

Will you live to be 100 years old? Answer these ten questions about your personality and lifestyle to find out!

Question 1/10
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How old are you now?
30 or younger
50 or older

Question 2/10
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Which type of country do you live in?
1st world
2nd world
3rd world

Question 3/10
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Have you ever broken a bone?
Yes, many times
Yes, once or twice

Question 4/10
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Your friend invites you to try sky diving. Do you do it?
I don't know

Question 5/10
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It's your birthday and you get a free dinner at your favorite restaruant. What do you order?
Steak and fries
Spaghetti with alfredo sauce
Fish and steamed vegetables

Question 6/10
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How often do you exercise?
More than once a week
At least once a week
At least once a month
Less than once a month

Question 7/10
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Do you ever feel depressed?
Yes, but only when something bad happens

Question 8/10
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Have any of your other family members lived to be 100?
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
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You are feeling sick. Do you see a doctor?
Yes, but only if I think I am dying or if I don't know what is wrong

Question 10/10
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You would say your lifestyle is...

You Will Live To Be Older Than 100
Not only will you live to be 100, but you will live to be older than 100! Your lifestyle is so safe and healthy that there is no saying how long you will live for! Enjoy your long life!

You Will Live To Be 100 Years Old
We guess that you will live to be 100 years old! You seem healthy enough to make your life last that long. Keep up all of your good work and you may even live to be older than 100!

You Will Not Live To Be 100
The bad news is that we guess that you won't live to be 100 years old. The good news is that we think you will live to be close to 100 years old. You may be in your 80's or 90's before you die, which isn't bad at all. Keep up what you are going and you are sure to have a long life.

You Will Not Live To Be Anywhere Near 100 Year Old
You seem to live a pretty risky or healthy lifestyle. Because of this, we guess that you won't live to be 100 years old, or anywhere close to that number. You will need to change your lifestyle if you want to live longer. If not, enjoy the time you have. Be here for a fun time even if you don't want to be here for a long time.

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