Are You A Country Gal Or A City Chick?

Do you think you're country to the core are you a city slicker through and through? It's time to find out where your heart lies in this epic city/country quiz showdown!

Question 1/10
Your group of friends suggest going horseback riding. What's your reaction?
That sounds like a blast!
Horses are just giant mutant dogs that can kill me!
I'm a little nervous but it sounds fun

Question 2/10
You're all set to take a nice relaxing shower. Suddenly you look up and see a big spider hanging out in the corner. What's your reaction?
Run for the hills, there's no time to spare!
I take my shower and then gently remove the spider
I kill it and then spend the next couple minutes feeling a touch guilty

Question 3/10
It's Friday night, what kind of fashion statement are you making?
Heels and a tight dress
Jeans and a t-shirt
Pajamas obviously

Question 4/10
Which of these animals could you never own as a pet?
Guinea pig

Question 5/10
What's the one item you could never live without?
My smartphone
Comfortable boots
My camera
My eyeliner

Question 6/10
On a first date, your partner reveals that he owns a gun. What's your reaction?
I become a bit leery of him
I tell him I own one as well
It doesn't change my feelings at all

Question 7/10
It's your turn to pick what's for dinner, what do you choose?
Something Mediterranean
A yummy barbecue joint
Italian because it pleases everyone

Question 8/10
Nature's calling but you're outside. What do you do?
Pop a squat
Hold it until I can find a bathroom
Hold it as long as I can but eventually find a bush

Question 9/10
You just went out for a birthday dinner. How much is the bill?

Question 10/10
A new family just moved in next to you. What do you do?
I go over with some cookies and introduce myself
I hope I never run into them
I introduce myself and move along
You are a city gal through and through! Urban life is the life for you. From the hustle and bustle to the smells to the fashion, you love all that city life has to offer. Being surrounded by a bevy of cultures and personality types makes you feel right at home. Not only do you love the city for the wealth of opportunity, but you love the fast paced way of life.

City Gal
You are a country chick through and through! Life without nature and open land would feel totally suffocating to you. You crave open spaces, fresh air, and kind compassionate locals. Going to the grocery store and seeing people you know truly delights you. Country life means savoring all of the little things, taking life slow, and appreciating family and friends. You could never live anyplace else!

Country Chick
You're a little bit country and a little bit city! In your opinion, no one place is the right place, it's wherever you feel most at home at that point in your life. Sometimes you love the fast paced rat race of the city. Other times you crave the slow gentle way of life that only the country can provide. You're a dualistic personality with a love of both urban and rural life!

A Little Bit Of Both