Are You A Food Snob?

We all have food preferences and likes, but some of us can take it a bit far and cross over into food snob territory. Do you think you're a food snob? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you plan your meals for the week on a Sunday or Saturday?
Uh, no way
Yes always
It depends on if I have time

Question 2/10
What do you like to do after dinner?
Settle in for a long night of watching TV
Think about dessert
Catch up on work

Question 3/10
What type of appetizer do you prefer before dinner?
Olive plate
Just cocktails
Mozzarella sticks

Question 4/10
What are your views condiments?
Slather them on everything
They're disgusting
They're okay in moderation
What's that?

Question 5/10
Finger foods are......

Question 6/10
What are your views on take out from a restaurant?
It's amazing!
I prefer to eat in the restaurant
It's okay sometimes

Question 7/10
Wasabi is best.....
With my sushi
Mixed into mashed potatoes
On an appetizer
What's wasabi?

Question 8/10
What is your preferred type of comfort food?
Macaroni and cheese
Filet mignon
Pot roast
Lobster or scallops
Pizza and garlic knots

Question 9/10
What type of meat will you absolutely not touch?
I'm a vegan/vegetarian

Question 10/10
How often do you eat fast food?
Once a week
Once a month
A few times a year
Only if forced to
Unfortunately, it appears you may be a bit of a food snob. Don't take it the wrong way, you're not snobby or stuck up in any other areas of your life but when it comes to food, you prefer the finer things. You like your food to be prepared and presented in a certain way. You also will only eat certain kinds of foods that fit your unique palette.

Total Food Snob
When you it comes to food, you have fine and discerning tastes. While you're not a total food snob by any means, you can be quite particular when it comes to what you put in your body and how that food looks. You'll only eat foods prepared in certain ways and you'd never be caught dead housing a bag of Doritos.

Discerning Tastes
You are food particular! Like so many of us, you like your food to be prepared a certain way. You have food likes and dislikes that you refuse to stray from and you've got food habits. We don't think that makes you a snob. Rather, we commend you for knowing your likes and dislikes so well.

Food Particular
You are food friendly! When it comes to food, there's not much you won't eat. You're an adventurous eater who would never think twice about trying something new or strange, even if it didn't fit your normal food preferences. We commend you for being a bold eater!

Food Friendly
You are totally food fun! You love food of all kinds. When it comes right down to it, you'll put pretty much anything in your body given that it's not completely abysmal. From sweets, to junk food, to everything in between, you just like having fun with food.

Food Fun