Are You A Good Mother In Law?

Have you ever wondered if you're a good mother in law? It might not be as apparent as you think! Take this simple quiz and reveal if you're truly the best when it comes to being a mother in law. The results might shock you!

Question 1/10
When you visit where do you stay?
I always get a hotel because they have a small home.
I hate a hotel because their house is messy.
I stay with them and help out.
I sleep on the couch.

Question 2/10
It's Christmas! What will they get from you?
I'll get them something meaningful.
I'll get my child something great and my daughter/son in law whatever.
Probably nothing, they never write thank you notes.
So much they won't know what to do!

Question 3/10
How did you react when your son/daughter first told you they were engaged?
I was so happy and excited!
I was a little apprehensive, but excited!
I cried and told forbade the engagement.
I secretly seethed.

Question 4/10
Be honest, are you hurt if you don't get to see your child on every major holiday?

Question 5/10
Your daughter in law wants to spend the day together at the spa. What's you reaction?
Awesome, it's time to bond!
This should be interesting...
A spa day sounds great!
How will I get through this?

Question 6/10
How often do you bring up your child's exes?

Question 7/10
Your grandchild is totally out of control. Your son in law seems pretty clueless. Do you step in and give advice?
Of course, every new parent needs some help!
Yes, I know best.
No, I let them sort it out themselves.

Question 8/10
Your daughter in law is throwing a dinner party, but it's a little lackluster. What do you say?
I thank her for the lovely meal!
I give her pointers on how she can do better next time.
I complain the entire time.
I say nothing and bolt out the door.

Question 9/10
How often do you speak to your daughter/son in law on the phone?
Once a week
Every few weeks
Around the holidays

Question 10/10
It's most important for your child to have someone who...
Makes them really happy.
Could never take my place.
Is a good and kind person.
Can provide for them.
You’re not just a good mother in law, you’re a great mother in law! You go out of your way to make your son or daughter in law feel like one of the family. You truly treat your spouse’s partner as well as your own children, giving them the freedom to live, love, and make mistakes. You’re kind and nurturing with a heart that simply loves to welcome in new people!

You Are A Great Mother In Law!
You’re definitely a good mother in law! You’re always trying to build a great relationship with your son or daughter in law. You treat them as you would your own, extending the same warmth and generosity that you give to your own children. You’re never harsh or critical and you certainly never feel jealous of the role they play in your child’s life. You love having a big family where everyone is welcome!

You Are A Good Mother In Law!
You’re an okay mother in law! Like so many in your position, you’re still trying to find a balance in your role as a mother in law. You’d like to treat your son and daughter in law like your own, but you struggle to accept their place in your life and your child’s life. Sometimes you might feel a bit pushed out or jealous, like you’re being replaced, but you always overcome and extend love to your new family members. Remember, no one could ever replace you!

You Are An Okay Mother In Law!
As a mother in law, you tend to run very hot and cold! You don’t have an excellent relationship with your son or daughter in law, but you’re certainly working on it for the sake of your own child. Sometimes you find it hard to connect with your new family members, which can lead to jealousy and even a bit of bitterness. Worry not, in time, everyone will settle into the roles they were meant to play.

You Are A Hot And Cold Mother In Law!