Are You A Natural Beauty?

Are you beautiful even without makeup? Find out with these quiz!

Question 1/10
Do you have a clear complexion?
Its very clear
I have a few pimples here and there
I think so
Depends on the day

Question 2/10
What do you drink on an everyday basis?
Most of these/none

Question 3/10
What do you eat on a everyday basis?
Healthy food
Junk food
Home cooked meals
Lots of sweets

Question 4/10
Are you comfortable with no makeup?
Not really
Not at all
Depends on the situation
Yes I am

Question 5/10
How much makeup do you wear regularly?
A full face
I don't wear any
Just mascara and lip
It changes with the day

Question 6/10
How often do you exercise?
Very often
Every once in awhile
Not very often
Not at all

Question 7/10
Do you smile a lot?
All the time!
I smile quite a bit
I'm not sure
I should smile more

Question 8/10
Do you take care of your teeth?
I take extremely good care
Of course
Not very good
I should take care of them better

Question 9/10
Are usually stressed?
At least all day, everyday
Not usually
Almost never!

Question 10/10
Do you like how you look?
I love it
Of course
I have my off days
Not usually
You look gorgeous with and without makeup. Lucky you!

You Are Naturally Beautiful
While some may not say you're a natural beauty, of course you are! You're you and no one else can look like you.

You Are Beautiful The Way You Are
Even if you don't fit societies standards, you find yourself beautiful! That's the way it should be.

You're Beautiful To Yourself
While you may not be society's idea of beauty, that doesn't mean you're not beautiful. You are and don't let anyone tell you different.

Not Society's Idea Of Beauty