Are You A Tree Hugger Or A Planet Polluter?

The planet needs our help now more than ever! The question is; are you doing your part? Are you a total tree hugger or a full-time planet polluter? Answer these quiz questions truthfully and reveal your impact on the earth. You might be doing more or less for this planet than you think!

Question 1/10
How do you typically get from point A to point B?
Public transportation
Driving a hybrid
Driving a gas powered vehicle

Question 2/10
How often do you purchase plastic water bottles?
Very often.
Only when I forget my reusable bottle.
Every now and then.

Question 3/10
When you go out for coffee, do you have the barista fill a reusable mug?
Always, I even have a few spares in my car!
When I remember to bring it.
I don't buy coffee out.

Question 4/10
How many days a week do you eat red meat?
7 days a week baby!
1-2 days.
3-4 days.

Question 5/10
What type of outdoor light bulb is used in your home?
Compact fluorescent
I try to use natural light/candles.

Question 6/10
Do you have a composting bin for your home?
Yes, it's great for food scraps!
I tried to once, it didn't work out.
Nope, it all goes in the trash.

Question 7/10
How often do you use plastic bags to carry your groceries?
All the time, they're convenient.
Only if I forget my reusable bag.
Never, I always bring my own bags.
Only when paper is not available.

Question 8/10
How often do you go for local produce over imported?
Always, I only buy what's in season near me.
When I can.
Hardly ever, it's expensive.
I just buy what's at the grocery store.

Question 9/10
How many trees or bushes would you say you've planted in your life?
Too many to count.
At least ten.
Maybe a handful.
None that I can think of.

Question 10/10
When you go to bed, do you turn off all of your devices?
Always, I never forget.
Sometimes, when I remember.
Never, it's too much of a pain.
You're a total tree hugger! There's nothing that you won't do to lessen your impact on the environment. You've ditched plastic bags, stopped eating meat, and maybe even traded in your old car for a newer electric model. You try to plant as many trees per year as you an and strive to buy locally as often as possible. While some people might think that there's nothing we can do to stop climate change, you know that change really starts with each one of us.

Total Tree Hugger
You're a mild tree hugger! While you're not raising your own goats for goat milk soap or wearing clothing made from hemp, you try to do your part to help the environment. You always recycle, bring reusable shopping bags to the store and try to buy locally whenever you can. You may even plant a few trees this year! While you're not an all out tree hugger, you do love and respect the environment!

Mild Tree Hugger
You're a mild planet polluter! Okay, so while you're not an all out planet polluter, you're not exactly doing your part to help the environment. You still use plastic bottles and bags, buy items shipped thousands of miles, and don't always recycle when you should.. Sure, you may have planted a tree ten years ago, but that's not going to cut the mustard these days!

A Mild Planet Polluter
You're a total planet polluter! Let's face it, you don't really care about the planet. You just want to do what's easy and convenient for you in the here and now. That means using plastic bottles, driving a big gas guzzling car, and generally just not respecting the place you call home. Remember, there's only one planet earth. For you and the sake of those that come after, start doing your part today!

A Total Planet Polluter