Are You An Anxious Person?

Do you get nervous easily?

Question 1/10
Do you like going out?
It depends on where I'm going

Question 2/10
Do you like being around others?
Yes, all of the time
It depends on who
No, I'd rather be by myself

Question 3/10
Do you worry a lot?
I worry quite a bit
I worry about big things
I almost never worry

Question 4/10
Do you tend to overthink things?
Yes, I'm even overthinking this question

Question 5/10
How often do you think about the future?
Once in a while
Very rarely

Question 6/10
Do you tend to second guess your decisions?
Every decision I make
Sometimes, if it's an important decision

Question 7/10
Are you a calm person?
Yes, I'm very calm
I'm calm unless something very serious is happening
I'm almost never calm

Question 8/10
How often do you think about things that are unlikely to happen?
All the time
Once in a while
Never, that's ridiculous

Question 9/10
Do you have days where you don't want to go anywhere or see anyone?
That's how I feel everyday
Nope, I've never felt like that

Question 10/10
Are you a nervous person?
Yes, I get nervous all the time
Not too often
Almost never
You happen to be quite the anxious person. You can't help but worry about the past and future and because of that, you have a hard time concentrating on the present. Your mind convinces you of scenarios and problems that don't even exist.

Yes You Are
You happen to be a pretty relaxed and worry free person. You live in the present and rarely worry about what may happen next. You trust in your abilities and you know that you will do good in life.

You Are Not
It's definitely a possibility that you're an anxious person. While you may stay calm at most situations, you do have your moments where you can't help but panic.

It's A Possibility