Are You As Happy As You Think You Are?

We'd all like to think we're leading happy and blissful lives, but are you really as happy as you think you are? Take these 10 questions and discover if you're truly happy or just faking it until you make it.

Question 1/9
What is currently missing from your life?
A solid career
A relationship
A family

Question 2/9
Does listening to music ever make you feel overwhelmed with emotion?
Only If I'm listening to a sad song
It depends on my mood
This happens pretty frequently

Question 3/9
How do you feel in the middle of a work day?
It varies by day

Question 4/9
What genre of book are you currently reading?
I'm not reading any books

Question 5/9
Do you have a large group of friends or a small close group of friends?
I have a very large friend group
I have a very tight knit group of friends
I have one or two friends I confide in
I don't have many friends these days

Question 6/9
How do you feel in crowded places?
A bit panicked
A little uneasy
I feel totally fine
I enjoy big crowds
It depends on the circumstances

Question 7/9
Do you look forward to getting up every morning?
Most of the time

Question 8/9
Who do you rely on to help you solve a problem?
My friends
My family
My faith
I'm not sure

Question 9/9
Do you tend to procrastinate to get things done?
Based on the results of this quiz, you are highly happy and fulfilled! Not only do you express gratitude and appreciation for those things you do have, but you've made it your mission to help others see the bright side of life as well.

Happy And Fulfilled
Based on the results of this quiz, you are very happy and content. You've never put on a face for anyone. You are in fact a very happy and fulfilled person. Though life can have its ups and its downs, you learned to find the good in every moment.

Very Happy And Content
Based on the results of this quiz, you are happy most of the time! No one feels like a ray of sunshine all the time. With work, life, and responsibilities, sometimes embracing the good is a bit difficult. In spite of this, you've learned to enjoy each day to the fullest and live a happy life.

Happy Most Of The Time
Based on the results of this quiz, you're very happy, but still seeking total fulfillment. Being happy is great, but learning to accept the good and the bad is a bit more complicated. You're searching for the contentment and peace to just let life happen.

Happy But Searching
Based on the results of this quiz, you're a little bit unhappy at times! Maybe life has thrown you a few curve balls as of late, resulting in a less than sunny disposition. Whatever the reason, remember, that nothing bad lasts forever. Always see the bright side and appreciate what you currently have!

A Little Unhappy At Times