Are You Low, Middle, Or High Class?

Ever wondered which class you really belong in? It's time to find out! Take these 10 enlightening quiz questions and discover if you're low, middle, or high class. The results might just surprise you!

Question 1/10
Pick a supermarket to shop at:
The local grocery store
Whole Foods
Trader Joes

Question 2/10
What do you like to do for fun?
Watch TV
Go the bar
Spend time outside
Shopping or working out

Question 3/10
You're in a rush. Where do you grab dinner from?
Pizza Hut
The grocery store
A local sushi place

Question 4/10
What does the word "money" make you think of?

Question 5/10
How often does your extended family come around?
On holidays

Question 6/10
Where do you get your news from?
The TV
Fox News
Word of mouth

Question 7/10
You're throwing your friend a baby shower. Where is it at?
The local park
An upscale restaurant
A winery
My house

Question 8/10
One of your co-workers has been gossiping about you at work. How do you handle the situation?
I calmly ask them to stop.
I go straight to human resources.
I start gossiping about them.

Question 9/10
What's your favorite kind of club?
A beer of the month club
A golf club
A wine club
A book club

Question 10/10
If someone asks you where you went to school, what do you say?
I tell them where I went to school.
I make up a name.
Look at them suspiciously.
Brag about my college years.
The results are in and you're a bit on the low class side! Your class rank has nothing to do with income and everything to do with attitude! Though you're always a lot of fun to be around and love to live on the edge, you're not keen on authority or playing by the rules. Sometimes you like to indulge in a bit of gossip, especially if it involves someone you've had a tiff with! You're all about living life on your own terms and no one's going to get in the way!

The results are in and you're middle class! You're doing just fine in just about every aspect of life. Sure, sometimes there are ups and downs, but you always prevail with a fighting spirit and true sense of optimism. You tend to value experiences, people, and happiness over material possessions or things. We think that makes you far classier than most!

The results are in and you're high class! You handle everything that comes your way with grace and dignity. Sure, you might not have a million dollars in the bank, but you've got an infectious spirit, a true compassion, and a loyalty to those you love most. You're a true class act in every way. From your taste in food to your taste in clothing, you're a high class gal all the way!

High Class