Are You Mentally Stronger Than The Average Gal?

All women are mentally strong, but some are just a little big stronger than others! When compared to your fellow ladies, are you more or less strong mentally? Can you take whatever life throws your way with ease? Answer as honestly and quickly as possible. We'll reveal your results in no time!

Question 1/10
Someone cuts you off in traffic. Your initial response is to...
Lay on the horn.
Flip the bird.
Shake my head.
Take a deep breath and move on.

Question 2/10
You've just completed a big project and your boss wants to give you some constructive criticism. How do you feel?
Like it was all for nothing.
Eager for the feedback.
A bit bummed, but willing to learn.
Disappointed in myself.

Question 3/10
When you make a mistake, you always....
Own up to it.
Apologize when necessary.
Hope the other person just knows I'm sorry.
Avoid talking about it.

Question 4/10
How do you feel about change?
Change is good!
Change can be scary, but beneficial.
I hate change.

Question 5/10
Before drawing a conclusion, you always...
Think deeply.
Do my research.
Ask around.
Go with my gut.

Question 6/10
When you go the extra mile for someone, you expect...
Them to do the same for me.
Absolutely nothing.
A favor in the future.
A nice hug and a thank you.

Question 7/10
Is it hard for you to ask for help?
Yes, very.
Not really, there's no shame in needing help.
Sometimes, it depends on the task.

Question 8/10
Where do you leave the past?
Far behind, duh!
In my present.
Someplace where it dictates my future.

Question 9/10
When you're assigned a task, when do you start it?
Right away.
A few weeks before its due.
The night before it's due.

Question 10/10
It is most important for you to feel..
You've got some serious mental strength! Though the world often puts your mental strength to the test, you always prevail and prove just how resilient you are. You bounce back from set backs, refuse to focus on negativity and keep a great perspective on what each challenge or triumph truly means. When it comes to mentally strength, you are far above average!

Serious Mental Strength!
You're a powerhouse of mental strength! Life can be tough. It loves to kick us when we're down. Yet a mentally strong person knows how to overcome obstacles and still keep their humanity. You're a mentally strong person who prevails in all circumstances. You know how to handle pain, challenges, set backs and even joy. You rise above the negativity and stay the course!

A Mental Powerhouse.
You've got some serious mental strength! While you're definitely human and unafraid to grieve or lean into pain, you also know how to rise above challenge to keep going. Negativity can get a hold of your mind sometimes, but you never let it win for long!

Mentally Strong.
While you may not be as mentally strong as some, you have just enough strength to keep going when the going gets tough! Sure, you may be more sensitive than some, but you always find a way to tap into the resiliency within to rise above the negativity.

Just Enough Strength!