Are You More Like Kate, Meghan, or The Queen?

Kate, Meghan, and the Queen all have their royal titles in common- but much else! This begs the question: which royal lady are you most like? Do you share a brain with Kate? Perhaps, you and Meghan are two peas in a pod! Let's find out if you're more like, Kate, Meghan, or the Queen herself!

Question 1/10
What kind of jewels would your tiara be made from?

Question 2/10
Which of these causes would you support?
Mental health
Military veterans
Women's rights

Question 3/10
If you were going to start a blog, it would most likely be about....

Question 4/10
Which of these royal residences would you like to live in?

Question 5/10
What do you look for in a significant other?
Similar beliefs
Sense of humor

Question 6/10
Where do you want to get married?
In a church
In a castle
On a beach

Question 7/10
Which of these colors looks great on you?

Question 8/10
How do you stay in shape?
Spin class
Long walks

Question 9/10
What is your go-to hairstyle?
Loose curls
Half up half down
A high bun

Question 10/10
If you were to be involved in any scandal, it would be…
Being caught topless.
Dropping the f-bomb.
I'd never be caught in a scandal.
You're more like Kate! Classy, traditional, and kind. You love to spend time working with children and simply mothering your own. You have a very keen sense of duty and strive to follow the rules set forth by your family. A nurturing soul who always bears a smile, you tend to see the best in every situation!

You're most like Meghan! Intelligent, driven, and compassionate. You have many causes that you are passionate about in life. You tend to be very selfless and kind, always looking to serve and make the world a better place. Strong in every way, you believe that there are new ways of doing things, even if it means bucking a bit of tradition.

You're most like the Queen! Iron clad, strong, and set in your ways. You truly believe that there is a right/wrong way of doing things. Though you love your family dearly, you're not afraid to lay down the law or let their errors be known. You're the head of your family for a reason- your strength is truly without bounds.

The Queen