Are You More Like Michelle Obama Or Melania Trump?

Question 1/10
Which subject would you rather study?
Foreign languages

Question 2/10
Oh no, it's a scandal! For which of these would you make tabloid headlines?
Intimate photographs being leaked by hackers
Wearing the same gown as someone else to an important event
Getting too wild at a bar

Question 3/10
A crazy rumor is going around about you. How do you react?
Keep a low profile until it passes
Make a public statement against the rumor
Continue living my normal life, not caring about the lies

Question 4/10
When you make a mistake, what do you do?
I own up to it
I try to hide it
I scramble to fix it

Question 5/10
You make more money than the new guy you're dating, and it bothers him. Do you...
Tell him to get over it
Try to avoid the subject and protect his ego
Tell him it doesn't matter, if we get married he can support me

Question 6/10
Which quote do you most relate to?
"If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn't be here."
"I think the mistake some people make is they try to change the man they love after they get married. You cannot change a person."
"Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude."

Question 7/10
What is more important: looking good or feeling good?
Looking good
Feeling good
Both are equal to me

Question 8/10
What is the most romantic way to meet someone?
Having the same class at school
Working in the same office
Through mutual friends
By accident at a party

Question 9/10
How many languages do you speak?
Three or more

Question 10/10
Would you ever want to live in New York City?
No way!
I wouldn't mind either way
You could be Michelle Obama's twin! You are just like this former First Lady. You share similar attitudes toward life and you both place a high value on integrity, grace, and empathy. You handle pressure and stress with great poise and optimism. You care about other people and are especially talented at making them smile.

Michelle Obama's Twin!
You are just like Melania, the new First Lady! You capture everyone's attention and leave them wanting more, partially because you can be quite elusive and mysterious. You may not like the attention very much, as you prefer to keep your private life to yourself. You tend to be on the more traditional side when it comes to your views on the world and the roles you take on in your family and job. Loyalty to loved ones is your top priority.

Melania Trump's Twin!
You have a little bit in common with Melania, but you're definitely more like Michelle. You are caring, empathetic, and intelligent. Health and fitness are high priorities, and even though you like to look good, it's more important to you that you are happy and healthy on the inside.

More Michelle Than Melania
You have a little bit in common with Michelle, but you're more like Melania. You are good at handling pressure, but you'd rather have the public eye off of you (even though you usually look picture perfect). You are loyal to your loved ones no matter what and you place family above all.

More Melania Than Michelle
You are perfectly balanced between your similarities to Michelle and Melania. Both women share a sense of dignity and grace, and they care more about protecting their families than the attention they receive. You have an equal amount of brains and beauty.

Half Michelle, Half Melania!
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These two First Ladies are pretty different, to say the least! They have distinct approaches to their position as First Lady, as well as their own unique personalities and backgrounds. Which of these powerful women are most like? Answer these questions to find out!