Are You More Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?

Believe it or not, each of these three major streaming services aligns with a different personality type! Some of us are more in line with Netflix, others Amazon. How you answer these questions will help determine which streaming service you're actually most like. Are you more Netflix, Hulu or Amazon? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What color bedding would you most want on your bed?

Question 2/10
Where would you most want to watch your favorite show?
On my TV.
On my laptop.
On my tablet.

Question 3/10
Which scary movie would you most want to watch?
The Shining
Get Out

Question 4/10
Which snack do you crave the most?
Ice cream
Potato chips

Question 5/10
Which TV comedy do you prefer?
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Modern Family

Question 6/10
Let's be honest, would you rather watch TV alone or with others?
Totally by myself.
With others.
Depends on the show.

Question 7/10
Which of these words best represents you?

Question 8/10
If there is a movie version and a book version, which do you indulge in first?
The book
The movie
It depends

Question 9/10
Would you say you're more or less impatient than most?
More impatient
Less impatient
About the same

Question 10/10
Are you someone who likes being the center of attention?
Yes, as much as I can!
Nope, I avoid it at all costs.
Every now and then.
You're most like Netflix! You're someone who is super popular and easy to like. Unlike most people, you have an easy charm that is hard to resist. You're someone who loves TV and movies, often becoming deeply invested in characters and stories. You're not shy about being passionate or throwing yourself into a new world or situation. That makes you pretty brazen as well!

You're most like Hulu! Though you're awesome, you tend to be overlooked and aren't fond of the spotlight. In fact, you're just fine hanging out and doing your own thing while everyone else gets the attention. A very open person, you're not quick to judge but you do love to suggest or give advice!

You're most like Amazon Prime! Let's face it, though you're a wealth of knowledge and information, you tend to be a bit complex and introverted. Though you have so much to offer, you sometimes have trouble connecting with others. However, when you open up and let others in, they're treated to a wealth of awesome that can barely be contained!