Are You Pregnant?

Do you have a bun in the oven?

Question 1/10
Have you felt any tenderness in your breasts lately?
Not at all
Maybe a little but nothing severe
I have actually

Question 2/10
Have you been feeling more tired lately?
Nope, I'm pretty energized
Yes but I've also been working more
I've definitely been feeling fatigued

Question 3/10
Have you had a queasiness?
A little bit
Not at all
Yes I have

Question 4/10
Is your period late this month?
It is actually
Yes but I usually have irregular periods

Question 5/10
How's your appetite been lately?
I've had cravings here and there
Not good. I feel sick thinking of certain foods

Question 6/10
Have your clothes felt a little tight?
Yes but I haven't gained weight
Not all
Yes and I've gained weight

Question 7/10
How's your mood been?
I've been extremely emotional
I've been emotional here and there
It's been fine

Question 8/10
Have you been going to the bathroom more frequently?
Yes and it's annoying
A little bit
No I haven't

Question 9/10
Have you felt bloated at all?
All the time
Only when I eat certain food
No I haven't

Question 10/10
Do you have any spotting or light bleeding?
Yes actually
Very rarely
No I haven't
Some moms-to-be tend to show an abundant amount of signs and some show hardly any. You have some symptoms related to pregnancy but they could also be linked with PMS or something else. The best way to truly find out is to take a pregnancy test or ask your doctor about it.

You Might Be
While you may have a few symptoms that are linked with pregnancy, the majority shows the your symptoms are linked to a stomach bug or PMS. Take a home pregnancy test just to be on the safe side!

Most Likely Not
You're definitely showing some telltale signs of pregnancy which include things such as breast tenderness and fatigue. You'll want to take a pregnancy test just to be positive. If the test shows negative but you're still experiencing symptoms, it would be best to check in with your doctor or try another test.

Probably Pregnant
Judging from the symptoms, you seem to probably not be pregnant but there is only one true way to find out. While most woman experience symptoms, there are a few woman who won't experience any for awhile. It's best to take a pregnancy test or check in with your doctor just to make sure.

Probably Not Pregnant