Are You Ready To Be Pregnant?

Are you ready to bring a new life into this world?

Question 1/10
How will a baby let you know it's full?
He won't open his mouth
He'll cry
He'll turn his head to the side

Question 2/10
Is it okay to do strenuous exercises while pregnant?
Of course not
In small doses
It's totally fine

Question 3/10
How long have you been working at your current place of employment?
Less than a year
A couple years
5 or more years

Question 4/10
Do you face a lot of pressure from your family to have children?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 5/10
How often do you travel?
At least once a month
Once every few months
Every once in awhile

Question 6/10
How long are you on your feet on an average day?
Less than 5 hours
6-12 hours
13+ hours

Question 7/10
How many hours should newborns sleep on average?
8-12 hours
19-21 hours
14-16 hours

Question 8/10
How many soft spots does a newborn's head have?

Question 9/10
Newborns need to eat every:
5 hours
6 hours
3 hours

Question 10/10
When should you stop giving a sponge bath to a baby?
A week after birth
When they can sit up
After their umbilical cord falls off
You can't wait to be pregnant! One thing that you look forward to in life is seeing your beautiful child and holding them. You know exactly what it involves when it comes to pregnancy and you know that you could handle any problems that come your way.

You're Totally Ready
You know all there is to taking care of a child and the preparation you may need. You're not too sure though if you want a child just yet. While you'll love to have one in the future, you don't think you're quite ready for one just yet.

Wait A Few More Years
You're not at all ready for a child and you're okay with that! Whether you want one or not, you still have quite a things you could learn about caring for a child and pregnancy. You know that if you became pregnant, you'd probably face a bunch of challenges that you're not ready for.

Not At All