Are You Really A Shy Person?

You might think you're a shy person, but are you actually as shy as you think you are? By answering these 10 simple quiz questions, we can discern if you're really shy or just lacking in confidence!

Question 1/10
Someone is checking you out from across the room at a party. What do you do?
I run away.
I walk up and say hello.
I avoid eye contact at all costs.

Question 2/10
A new acquaintance asks you out for dinner, how do you respond?
Sorry, I'm busy.
Maybe, I'll get back to you.
Sure, let's do it!

Question 3/10
Where would you most like to hang out?
At home on the couch.
At a cafe.
At a library.
At a park.

Question 4/10
You get invited to a party, you:
Flake out at the last minute.
Go, but leave very early.
Spend the whole night having fun!

Question 5/10
It's your first day at work, how do you introduce yourself to your coworkers?
Wait for someone to say hi first.
Introduce myself and then go right back to work.
Make the rounds all day.

Question 6/10
Who is your best friend?
My mom
My dog
My Netflix account
My bestie obviously!

Question 7/10
Choose a healthy snack:
Fruit salad
Avocado toast
Granola bites

Question 8/10
How would people characterize your laugh?

Question 9/10
What would your wedding be like?
Just me, my spouse, and a reverend.
300 of my closest friends.
Just my close family and friends.

Question 10/10
What's your ideal vacation?
An amusement park
A beach trip
Based on the results of this quiz, you really are a shy person! You tend to feel very uneasy when around strangers or new people. It's not that you're necessarily anti-social, you simply prefer to be with those you know best. You're a great listener who always thinks before you speak. Sometimes you much prefer to observe a conversation than to be right in the middle of it. You're just fine sticking to the sidelines and staying in your comfort zone.

You're Really A Shy Person!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're shy sometimes! You're not very outgoing and tend to stick to the people you know and trust. You don't like to put yourself into new situations and tend to feel awkward or embarrassed when the spotlight shines on you. Nothing annoys you more than being told to "speak up" or just "be more outgoing." You are who you are and the world should be lucky to have you!

You're Shy Sometimes!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're not shy at all! While you may like to stick to your comfort zone from time to time, you're certainly not shy in the slightest. In fact, you often embrace being in the center of attention. While you're just fine hanging out on your own, you almost always prefer the company of others!

You're Not Shy At All!