Are You Suffering From Electronic Overload?

These days, it's pretty easy to get burned out on electronics and social media, but do you know if you're suffering from electronic overload? Embark on these 10 questions and find out if you need to give yourself a tech break!

Question 1/10
When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you do?
Check my email
Turn on the TV for background noise
Make some coffee

Question 2/10
You're at a Broadway play. As the lights come up for intermission, you're already....
Responding to text messages
Taking a selfie
Grabbing some snacks

Question 3/10
You took a day off from work. How are you spending it?
Catching up on emails
Checking social media

Question 4/10
Your significant other asks to have a talk. What's your next move?
Text a friend about the talk
Set aside what I'm doing
Put my phone on vibrate so I can still get notifications

Question 5/10
You accidentally forget your smartphone at home on the way to work. What's your next move?
Double back to get it
Post an alert on Facebook so everyone knows
Let it go and move on

Question 6/10
How often does your phone go dead before you even make it home at night?

Question 7/10
When you have a spare moment to yourself, what do you do?
Text, check social media, take selfies
Browse the news on my phone
Take a few deep breaths and savor the time

Question 8/10
What do you typically photograph the most?
My food
My surroundings

Question 9/10
Which social media platform do you post on most often?

Question 10/10
At any given time, how many electronics do you have powered on at once?
3 to 4
4 to 5
1 to 2
Based on the results of this quiz, you are experiencing total electronic overload! It's time to put down the phone and walk away from the TV. You are constantly inundated with social media messages, email, advertisements, and news. Your mind and body deserve a rest! Take some time to be without technology each day. You'll feel like a whole new you in no time!

Total Overload
Based on the results of this quiz, you are not experiencing any electronic overload! You use your phone and technology wisely without letting social media, work expectations, or text messages consume your life. You know that time away from the constant stimulation is of the utmost important!

Not Overloaded
Based on the results of this quiz, you are experiencing slight electronic overload! For the most part, you're tethered to your electronics, often relying on them to fill any quiet moments or spaces throughout the day. Take a few moments each day to just be still without your phone or computer. You'll likely learn something new about you and who you are!

Slight Overload