Are You The Puppy On The Right Or The Left?

Which ones is more like you?

Question 1/10
What color are your eyes?

Question 2/10
Are you a people person?
Yes I am
No I'm not

Question 3/10
Do you open up easily to others?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 4/10
Would you consider yourself complex or simple?

Question 5/10
Would you consider yourself popular?
Yes I would
No I wouldn't

Question 6/10
Are you a blunt person?
Yes I am
No I'm not

Question 7/10
Are you argumentative?
Yes I am
It depends
No I'm not

Question 8/10
Would you consider yourself optimistic or pessimistic?

Question 9/10
Are you usually lost in thought?
Yes I am
No I don't

Question 10/10
Do you have strong opinions?
Yes I do
No I don't
You happen to be the puppy on the right! You have a bubbly and adorable personality and people can't help but love you. You're positive in almost any situation and that optimism rubs off on the others around you.

The Puppy On The Right
You have quite an intimidating look to you but your loved ones know how sensitive and sweet you actually are. You don't open up easily to others and you prefer to put on a tough appearance except to the ones you truly trust and love.

The Puppy On The Left