At What Age Will You Retire?

Do you have your life together? If you do, you might be looking at an early retirement. If you're playing your cards right, you'll have no issues, but this quiz might help you figure out what needs to change so you can retire earlier!

Question 1/10
How many credit cards do you currently use or plan to use?
None or one
I like to juggle my credit cards
I don’t plan on ever using credit cards

Question 2/10
How much do you save for rainy days?
What ever I can
About half of my check
Everyday is a rainy day
Every other check
All of my earnings

Question 3/10
How do you like to party?
I'm always the MC
I dont go too wild
Without spending a dime
I never arrive empty handed
I've been known to go wild every now and then

Question 4/10
How much time do you spend procrastinating?
Sometimes I have trouble staying focused
I wish I had that luxery
More than I am comfortable admitting
It's not procrastination if I dont want to do anything
Every now and then I allow myself to

Question 5/10
How are you with commitments?
I can be stubborn as an ox
I'm known to stray off course
I really dont like commitments
I do my very best to see everything through
I'm much better with short term commitments

Question 6/10
What kind risk taker are you?
I dont take risks
I am a known risktaker
I only take the calculated ones
When it comes to money, never
I consider everything to be a risk

Question 7/10
In school I was...
The class clown
The quiet kid
The person everyone wanted to know
Honestly, kind of a jerk
The nerdy kid

Question 8/10
When it comes to work life...
I tend to stare at the clock a lot
I tend to roll up my sleeves and jump right it in
I work at my own pace
I dont work too often
I have never had a job

Question 9/10
If I won the lottery I would...
Throw the biggest party ever
Share some money with friends
Invest my money
Go on a long vacation
Buy a large house

Question 10/10
When I retire I would like to...
Enjoy not having to work anymore
Live comfortably off my investments
Look after my children
I really dont care
Keep myself busy
You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. The vision of the future isn’t lost on you. You know that the sacrifices you make now will bring you greater reward in the future and are probably ahead of the pack. You work hard and it reflects your achievements. The only problem now is how to enjoy that early retirement.

You worked hard and yet somehow still manage to find time for yourself. You make the right choices and know how to play the game. Retiring at this age enables you to go out and live life the way you want.

The average age of retirement in the west is about 62. You listen well and know how to live life. You know when to have your moments and when to bank for the future. You are young enough to have plenty of opportunity to go out and seize the day.

If you are taking this quiz, chances are you still have time to rethink your priorities. While at this age range you would end up as a late finisher, you would still make it. Those that do retire around this age bracket have few opportunities to enjoy the fruits of their labor to their fullest. Chances are you will likely use what is left on medical expenses and looking after those you love.

At this point you can forget about enjoying you’re retirement. If you are taking this test, chances are it isn’t too late to reevaluate your choices in life. If the idea of living in the moment is more important than living your elder years work free, don’t change anything. You may obtain a retirement, but by the time you do you won’t be able to actually enjoy it.