Based On Your Answers We Will Tell You How You Can Improve Your Life

How can your life get better?

Question 1/10
Do you often try to guess what is going to happen at the end of a movie?
Every time
No, I like the mystery

Question 2/10
Do you feel like you know what people are thinking about you before they say anything?

Question 3/10
Do you find yourself exaggerating when telling a story?
Yes, because I like doing so
Yes, but I try not to
No, it ruins the story

Question 4/10
Do you make things seem worse than they really are?
All the time

Question 5/10
Do you judge people before you get to know them?
It depends on the person
No, that's wrong

Question 6/10
Is it okay to discriminate?
It depends

Question 7/10
Is there a right and wrong way to do things?
Yes, there is my way and the wrong way
Yes, but it depends on what the thing is
There are multiple ways to do things

Question 8/10
Does it annoy you when someone does something differently from the way you do it?

Question 9/10
Are things never good enough for you?
Things are never good enough
Things are good enough

Question 10/10
Does it bother you when you don't get your way?
It's easy to jump to conclusions, especially when you feel anxious but it's not always good to do. It leads to assuming things and sometimes those assumptions are just truly far-fetched ideas that only put you in a bad mood.

Stop Jumping To Conclusions
It's easy to want to blow up a smaller situation for attention but it's not always good to do. When you make things dramatic and emotional, it tends to lead to bad situations in life.

Don't Dramatize
When you stereotype someone, you're automatically assuming what they're like and judging them. You should treat others as how you want to be treated.

Avoid Stereotyping
When you make rules in life, it's easy to feel disappointed when you eventually break them. Setting rules just sets standards for yourself and sometimes you can't keep them.

Stop Making Rules
Pressure is definitely put on you when you feel like you have to be a perfectionist in life. It sets you up for standards that are usually impossible to keep.

Quit Being A Perfectionist