Build A Dream Home And We’ll Tell You What You Should Name Your Baby!

Build your perfect dream home and we'll tell you exactly what you should name your baby! Can your wants and needs really reveal your child's perfect name? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Where would you most like to live?
In the suburbs
In the country
In a small town
In the city
In a secluded location

Question 2/10
How much land do you want?
Less than an acre
An acre exactly
Two acres
Five acres
As many as I can get

Question 3/10
Would you like a long driveway or a short driveway?
I'd like a nice long driveway.
I'd like a short driveway.
I'd prefer no driveway.

Question 4/10
What color is your dream house?
It's white.
It's got a wood exterior.
It has a stone or brick exterior.
It's gray.
It's blue.
None of these.

Question 5/10
What does your perfect living room include?
A floor to ceiling stone fireplace.
A marble fireplace.
Wood beams on the ceiling.
A big sectional couch.
A large wall of windows.

Question 6/10
What kind of countertops grace your kitchen?
Butcher block

Question 7/10
What color is your master bedroom?

Question 8/10
What must be included in your master bathroom?
A claw foot tub
A jacuzzi
A double vanity
Heated floors
A waterfall shower

Question 9/10
What unexpected room would you want in your home?
A library
A movie screening room
A craft room
A meditation room
A gift wrap room

Question 10/10
Which would you rather have?
An outdoor fireplace
A sun porch
An in ground pool
A fire pit
A veranda
Based on your perfect home, you should name your child Emma! The name Emma means, to live! As someone who doesn't mind a house that feels lived in or a life that's far from ordinary, we think you'd love giving your baby such as wholesome and fitting name.

Based on your perfect home, you should name your baby Noah! At your core, you're a very family oriented and traditional soul who loves to make others feel comfortable and at home. The biblical name Noah literally means "comfort" and "repose." We don't think there's a better name on earth for your baby!

Based on your perfect home, you should name your baby Olivia! At your core, you're a vibrant and passionate soul who likes to live each day to the fullest. You love bright colors, bold prints, and anything that can make your home feel cozy and lived in. The name Olivia might mean "olive" but it's a part of cultures that truly have a zest for life! Could there be a better name for your little one?

Based on your dream home, you should name your baby Lucas! At your core, you're a modern woman who loves to embrace trends and go with the flow. Though Lucas has been around for years, it has become increasingly popular in modern culture. Lucas means "bright" or "shining." What a perfect name for your baby boy!

Based on your perfect dream home, you should name your baby Evelyn! At your core, you're an old soul with a deep love of doing things the old fashioned way. You prefer a traditional home and you love a good old school name. This Irish name means "living" or "to live." We can't think of a better name for your baby!