Can We Guess How Many Times You’ve Been Sent To Detention?

No matter how good of a student you were, it is possible that you were sent to detention! Can we guess just how many times you were kept after school based on how you answer these quiz questions? Can we decide if you were a true goody two shoes? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
It's the first day of school and everyone's choosing seats. Where would you want to end up?
In the very back.
In the middle.
Right in the front.
Next to one of my friends.

Question 2/10
How would you describe the state of your locker?
Neat and tidy.
A little chaotic.
A total mess.
Pretty together.

Question 3/10
Which word would you use to describe your school's food?

Question 4/10
Was your name embroidered on your backpack?
Yes, indeed.
Just my initials.
No, who had the money for that?
In elementary school, not in high school.

Question 5/10
Did your school have uniforms?
No, but they had a strict dress code.
No, they had a lax dress code.
Yes, but they weren't very formal.
Yes and they were rigid!

Question 6/10
How would you describe your group of friends?

Question 7/10
Would you like to go back and relive your school years?
I would love to, sign me up!
No way, those days are long gone.
Possibly, if my friends came too .
Not a chance.
Maybe for a day.

Question 8/10
Where did you and your best friend hang out most often?
My house
The local park
A food establishment
My best friend's house
It varied daily

Question 9/10
What did you look like when you went to prom?
A total movie star!
The best version of myself.
Totally glamorous.
A little uneasy.
I skipped prom.

Question 10/10
Did you ever end up in summer school?
No, thankfully!
I came close, but no cigar.
Just once.
Isn't that what everyone did during the summer?
Whoa, you've never been sent to detention! How did you get to be such a good kid? Not only did you never break the rules, but you never really hung around with anyone who did. You were proud to be a good student and the type of kid who made your parent's proud!

You were sent to detention once! While you were mostly a good kid who stayed above the fray, you were sent to detention one time. Luckily, you seemed to have learned your lesson. Perhaps, you were even in detention due to a misunderstanding. Whatever the reason, it wasn't a regular thing and you were largely a pretty great kid!

You were sent to detention a total of three times! Okay, so you found yourself in trouble a couple of times. While you'd like to say it was all a misunderstanding, deep down you know that you kind of enjoyed breaking the rules. While you weren't always rebellious, you definitely had a bit of a wild side!

Three Times
We think you were sent to detention six times! Okay, so you know your way around detention. A wild child with a bit of rebellion, the threat of detention never deterred you from having a bit of fun. Sure, dealing with parents was a drag, but for the most part, you just lived in the moment and did what you wanted to do.

Six Times
We think you were in detention ten or more times! Okay, so you spent a lot of time in detention. So much so, that your parents weren't even that shocked when they got the slip. For some reason, you just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. Whether it was your friend's influence or just your own rebellious streak, you spent way too much time in detention. Did you learn your lesson since then?

Ten Or More Times