Can We Guess How Much Money Is In Your Wallet?

Your personality can say a lot about who you are, including how much money you probably have in your wallet! Can we guess how much money is in your wallet right now? Start the quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
What's your relationship status?
In a relationship
It's complicated

Question 2/10
You have 30 seconds to leave a burning house. What will you grab?
Photo albums
Important documents
My computer
My favorite sweater
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
Go an adventures.
Create something useful.
Spend time with family.
Binge watch TV.
I'm not sure.

Question 4/10
I think more with my...
It depends

Question 5/10
What was your favorite part of school?
Getting to see friends
The routine
Meeting new people
The activities

Question 6/10
Choose a food to eat:
Bacon cheeseburger
Chicken Piccata
Fish and chips
Chocolate milkshake
Shrimp tempura

Question 7/10
My friends would describe me as...

Question 8/10
What means more to you?
Taking care of others.
Making sure everyone is having a good time.
Having stability.
Paying all of my bills on time.
Living life to the fullest.

Question 9/10
How do you create fun in your life?
Careful planning.
A bit of both.

Question 10/10
Would you rather travel back or forward in time?
Back in time.
Forward in time.
I'm fine right here.
We think you have about $20 in your wallet right now! You're the type of person who doesn't carry much cash because you're all about swiping that card. You don't have the time or patience to deal with long exchanges at the check out line. As someone who is always on the go and living life at a clip, you're all about conenience!

We think you have about $50 in your wallet right now! Much like a Girl Scout, you're always prepared for whatever the day might bring. You pride yourself on being pragmatic, practical, and super down to earth. Why do you keep extra cash in your wallet? Because you just never know when you might need it!

We think you have about $5 in your wallet right now! Much like the average Millennial, you're not keen on cash and you love to embrace technology to the fullest. You're all about using things like Apple Pay and like to make your transactions as fast as possible. You're not big on patience and tend to be very spontaneous and all over the place. As a total "yes" person, you never know what the day will bring!

We think you have about $100 in your wallet right now! We think the phrase that best describes you is "old school." You embrace the past and tend to lean into the way things used to be. Sometimes, you feel as if life is moving too fast and people are losing sight of what matters. You always like to pay in cash and tend to appreciate the simple things in life.

We think you have about $500 in your wallet right now! Not only do we suspect that you're doing just fine financially, but you're the type of person who is always prepared for whatever life throws your way. You pride yourself on being equal parts practical and fun. You seem to be hardworking, pragmatic, and down to earth!