Can We Guess If You’re The Middle, Eldest, Or Youngest Sibling?

With 10 simple questions we can guess if you're the middle, eldest, or youngest sibling! You might find your answers to be more revealing than you think!

Question 1/10
You decide to throw a party, what's your first step?
Hire a caterer.
Find the perfect venue.
Start browsing Pinterest for ideas!
Start making a playlist.

Question 2/10
Which celebrity fascinates you the most?
Oprah Winfrey
Meryl Streep
Jennifer Lawrence

Question 3/10
Someone at dinner starts talking about politics. What do you do?
Politely decline to express my views.
Dive right in with my opinion.
Sit back and watch the show.

Question 4/10
Your boss needs a volunteer to take on a new project. What do you do?
Jump right into action.
Mull it over for a few hours.
Try to stay as still and invisible as possible.

Question 5/10
What role are you most likely to take on?

Question 6/10
What type of career are you drawn to?
Actor or writer
Therapist or doctor
Business or politics

Question 7/10
How often do you clean your home?
I tidy up a bit everyday.
I clean daily and on a schedule.
As little as possible.

Question 8/10
What is one of your biggest passions?
Social action

Question 9/10
Were you a bit of a tattletale growing up?

Question 10/10
What do you believe is your worst worst quality?
I'm bossy
I'm oversensitive
I'm attention seeking
We believe that you're the eldest sibling! You're a natural born leader who knows how to protect, nurture, and care for others. You're very driven and ambitious, with a need to succeed. You put family before most things, even if it means putting your own wants on the back burner. You're responsible and level headed, with a common sense that any parent would be proud of!

You're The Eldest Sibling!
We believe that you're the middle sibling! You're a pragmatic and creative soul who is used to being independent and self starting. Being caught in the middle, you didn't always receive the attention that your older or younger sibling received. This meant that you had to build your own confidence and truly forge your own path. Because of this, you're radically artistic, empathetic, and self aware!

You're The Middle Sibling!
We believe that you're the youngest sibling! You're a highly sensitive soul who doesn't like when things don't go your way. You're creative and free spirited, often opting to do the opposite of whatever your siblings were doing. Though you didn't get away with a lot of things as a child, you did notice that your parents were a bit easier on you than on your siblings!

You're The Youngest Sibling!