Can We Guess The Order You Were Born In?

Do you think we can?

Question 1/10
How do you usually work in a group setting?
Try to get everyone to work together equally
Try to be the leader of the group
You let everyone else do the work

Question 2/10
When there is conflict, you usually:
Are the one who caused it
Get defensive because you feel you are right
Try to agree with the others
Try to take charge of the situation

Question 3/10
Which of these words describe you best?

Question 4/10
How would you say you are at making friends?
Not the best
Pretty good at it
I make friends easily

Question 5/10
How are you when it comes to you abilities?
I feel overshadowed
I feel I have something to live up to

Question 6/10
Which do you find most important?

Question 7/10
Which sounds most like you at a party?
Surrounded by a group of close friends
The center of attention
Blending in the shadows
You'd rather not be at a party

Question 8/10
How are you when meeting new people?
I love meeting new people
Pretty guarded

Question 9/10
Are you a lover or a fighter?
A lover
A fighter

Question 10/10
How independent would you say you are?
Very independent
Pretty independent
Not really independent. I know what I want but make others get it
I'm very dependent on others
You were born first in your family and it shows. You are someone who is not afraid to be a leader and take charge. You are a reliable and ambitious person who always shoots for the stars.

First Born
You are a middle child and it shows in your friendly nature. While you may be somewhat rebellious, you are a real people pleaser and love to be surrounded by conversation.

Middle Child
You were born last in your family and it shows in your free-spirited ways. You're a fun-loving and outgoing person who thrives in the spotlight.

Last Born
You are an only child and it shows in your mature ways. You are a perfectionist and are very diligent and you do everything in your power to be the best at what you do.

Only Child