Can We Guess What Motivates You?

Question 1/10
What is your reaction when a homeless person asks you for change?
I give them change
I ask if I can buy them food instead
I ignore them and keep walking
I give them more than they asked for
I tell them I don't have any cash on me

Question 2/10
What is the best way to spend a Friday night?
Curled up with a good book
Dinner and a movie
Drinks at the bar
Activities with the family
Canoodling with your significant other

Question 3/10
How do you react when someone cuts you off in traffic?
I speed up next to them
I give them the finger
I curse and honk the horn
Take a deep breath and get over it
I laugh it off

Question 4/10
Would you rather receive praise from your boss or your friends?
Can't I have it all?

Question 5/10
How do you usually feel when you first wake up?
Refreshed and ready for the day
Anxious about work
Tired and moody
I don't really have time to reflect

Question 6/10
What word would your friends use to describe you?

Question 7/10
Which celebrity would you love to trade places with?
Angelina Jolie
Bill Gates
Emma Watson
Reese Witherspoon
Tom Cruise

Question 8/10
How intuitive are you?
Very intuitive
Somewhat intuitive
Not intuitive at all

Question 9/10
How do you feel about challenges?
I love them!
I like to meet them head on
They're challenging

Question 10/10
What do you often find yourself daydreaming about?
Winning the lottery
Going on vacation
Finding a significant other
Your Oscar acceptance speech
We believe you are motivated by religion. You are a deeply religious person who uses your faith and principles to guide you through life. You are motivated by goodness and always doing right by others.

We believe you are motivated by money. Financial success and a comfortable lifestyle help to drive you and give you the fuel to keep going even when things get tough.

We believe you are motivated by love. You truly believe the saying that "love is all you need." When it comes right down to it, you know that the most important thing in this world is giving and receiving love. The act of both motivates you to keep going.

We believe you are motivated by knowledge. You strive to learn and love academia. You are truly a knowledge hound who can't help but absorb as much information as you can on a daily basis. Knowledge motivates you to do more and be more.

We believe you are motivated by family. Family comes first and most of the decisions you make are based on that idea. You would do anything for your family. When you are having a down day and are struggling to keep going, thinking of your family gives you the boost of motivation that you need.

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