Can We Guess What Your First Job Actually Was?

Do you think that we can guess what your first job actually was based on these 10 questions? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and reveal just how telling your personality actually is!

Question 1/10
Describe yourself in one word:

Question 2/10
As a teen, did you have your own car?
Yes, as soon as I turned 16!
No, I wasn't allowed to drive.
I borrowed my parent's car

Question 3/10
Your number one priority in life has always been....

Question 4/10
Where did you spend Friday nights as a teen?
At home alone.
Going on dates.
Hanging out with friends.
Attending sporting events.
Working obviously.

Question 5/10
How many days a week did you typically work?

Question 6/10
What are you least likely to do?
Leave a bad tip.
Go to a store right before it closes.
Watch the same Disney film time and time again.
Answer a call from an unknown number.
Go to the express lane with more than 15 items.

Question 7/10
Which day do you dislike the most?
Black Friday
Valentine's Day
Friday night
I don't dislike any of them

Question 8/10
What did you spend your hard earned cash on?
Movies, music, and entertainment
Saving up for a trip
Gas money
My college fund

Question 9/10
What's your biggest pet peeve?
People who are impatient
People who are always on a cell phone
People who complain about everything
People who can't handle their kids

Question 10/10
How often do you eat fast food?
All the time
We think your fist job was as a babysitter! Whether you were watching your own brothers and sisters or the kids down the street, you were well known in your neighborhood for being the best babysitter. You spent many Friday nights watching cable TV, wrangling kids, and eating other people's snacks!

We think your first job was as a cashier! You know the pros and cons of working behind a register quite well. Not only did you spend a fair amount of time bagging groceries and checking people out, but you came to realize just how difficult dealing with other people all day can be. Because of your time as a cashier, you have a new found respect for all those in the profession.

Your first job was as a camp counselor! It's clear that you didn't have to work throughout the school year, but having a summer job was definitely in the mix. You've always been athletic, social, and great with kids. You spent many summers planning activities, sharing cabins, and getting into a little bit of trouble with your fellow counselors!

Camp Counselor
Your first job was as a waitress! It's clear that you spent some time waitressing in your younger years, quickly realizing just how difficult the job really is. Not only did you learn the value of shoes with support, but you learned how finicky many people can be. Nowadays, you'd never dream of leaving a bad tip or giving your waiter/waitress a hard time!

Your first job was in retail! So many teens and young adults get their start in retail and for good reason! Not only did you learn how to be a customer service pro and deal with some pretty temperamental personalities, but you were all about your employee discount. Sure, retail was tiring, unpredictable, and had some lousy hours, but you always made the best of your experience!