Can We Guess When You Moved Out Of Your Parents House?

Life happens! Sometimes you think you're going to move out of your parents house as soon as you turn 18. Most of the time- life has other plans. Can we guess when you moved out of your parents house in just 10 questions? Start the quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
Describe yourself as a teenager in one word.

Question 2/10
Would you say your parents were strict?
Yes, very strict.
They were kind of strict.
They were strict when they had to be.
They were pretty lenient.
They were totally laid back.

Question 3/10
Did you go to college?
No, I started working right after high school.
I attended some college.
I graduated from college.
I had no interest in college or anything.

Question 4/10
At what age did you start doing your own laundry?

Question 5/10
Where do you fall in the sibling birth order?
Only child

Question 6/10
No one escapes housework! How often do you do the dishes?
When I need something clean.
Whenever they get done.
As soon as I finish eating.

Question 7/10
What would you say was the best thing about living with your parents?
Having the bills paid.
Having dinner made each night.
The free advice.
Not paying rent.
All of the above.

Question 8/10
What if your parents threw you a curve ball and needed to move in with you?
In a heartbeat, they're my parents!
If I had the space.
No way, not in this lifetime.
Will it be both of them?

Question 9/10
Would you say you were coddled as a child?

Question 10/10
What made you want to leave home in the first place?
I wanted to try new things.
I wanted independence.
I wanted to be on my own.
I wanted to be with friends.
As soon as you were old enough to head for the door, you were out on your own! Sure, you loved your parents, but you loved your independence and freedom far more. You didn't want to stick around to depend on your parents anymore than you had to.

You Moved Out At Eighteen!
As soon as you were finished were college or had enough money put away, you moved out of your parents house! You had no qualms with your parents, you simply needed your own space. Once you had a good start, you set off to forge your own life. You've never been one to be overly dependent or attached to anyone.

You Moved Out At 21!
We suspect you moved out of your parents house at 30! You needed a little bit of extra time in the nest to truly find your footing in life. You've always loved your parents and been thankful that they weren't quick to rush you out the door. Thanks to them, you were able to save up some dough and figure out a bit about yourself along the way!

You Moved Out At 30!
We suspect you moved out when you were around 27 years old! Always one to take the long road, you really wanted to make sure you had your life in order before starting out on your own. Whether it was getting the right job or paying off college, you weren't in any rush to head out the door after college. Hey, we all need a little help sometimes!

You Moved Out At 27!
You moved out at the age of 40! From the time you were young, you were attached at your parents hip. Shy and reserved, it was always a bit hard for you to let go of what was comfortable to set out on your own. There's no real shame in staying with your parents, especially if the arrangement was mutually beneficial. Sure, you never really struck out on your own, but we're sure your parents didn't mind!

You Moved Out At 40!