Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based On Your Survival Skills?

How well you can survive in a given situation might just reveal where you grew up! Did the region you grow up in prepare you for the worst or did you grow up in a relative utopia? Let us discern the truth! Can we guess where you grew up based on only on your survival skills? The answer may be more revealing than you think!

Question 1/10
What's your number one must have for survival?
A knife
A compass
A gun
A cell phone signal

Question 2/10
What sort of person should you avoid at all costs?
Crazy people
Rich people
Anyone talking to themselves...

Question 3/10
What do you always do before leaving the house?
Check the weather.
Make sure the doors are locked.
Make sure I have my keys.
All of the above.

Question 4/10
What kind of animal are you most wary of?

Question 5/10
You're going on a very long hike. What kind of food would you bring with you for the trip?
Energy bars
Dried fruit
I wouldn't need a snack.

Question 6/10
What do you wear when you want to remain safe?
Light layers
Bright colors
Something comfortable
A life jacket
It depends on the weater

Question 7/10
How would you tell time without a watch or a phone?
Use the sun
Count on the tides
Listen to the birds
Check the moss on the trees

Question 8/10
Can you drink any fresh water you encounter?
Yes, as long as it is running.
No, there could be bacteria.
Possibly, if it is urgent.

Question 9/10
How would you build shelter in a survival situation?
Look for an abandoned car.
Build a lean-to.
Find a cave or den.

Question 10/10
How would you typically start a campfire?
With a magnifying glass.
Creating friction with sticks.
In an empty metal barrel.
With kindling and a match.
In true tee-pee formation.
Okay, so hopefully there are no dire survival type situations coming up any time soon. While you would do well in an urban setting, your wilderness skills are definitely lacking. Odds are, your only real interaction with the wilderness came from trips to New Jersey or Upstate New York. Perhaps a bit of leaf peeping in New England!

New York City
You're the friend we all want to have around when things go South in the wilderness! You have a great talent for surviving in the wilderness and seem particularly suited to mountainous environments. Clearly, you grew up in a place like Colorado where wilderness is abundant and knowing your way around the great outdoors comes as easy as learning to count!

When it comes to sunscreen and packing up a swimsuit, you're a survival whiz! We believe you grew up in Florida. Your skills show us that you've spent some time near the sea, growing up with the kind of life only a Floridian could have. You know your way around a boat, how to avoid gators, and when to anticipate a wicked thunder storm. While you may not be ready to take on the rugged wilderness, you can definitely hold your own in Florida.

A practical and logical soul who possesses hoards of common sense; that's you! When it comes to survival skills, you're well suited to making the most of any situation. You clearly grew up in the Midwest, where knowing how to survive in the wilderness or out on the farm were taught from birth. You've got two feet on the ground and a sound mind for survival!

The Midwest
Whoa, based on your survival skills, you know your way around the wilderness. You're an outdoorsy person who grew up camping, hiking and knowing how to handle the elements. You obviously grew up in the Pacific Northwest or Washington. Odds are, you could make the most of any survival situation.