Can We Guess where You Live Based On Your Religious Habits?

Religion and spiritual beliefs can say a lot about where you're from or how you were raised. Your religious habits can say even more! Can we guess where you live based on your religious habits? Answer truthfully and don't be shy! Let's see if we can get it right the first time. Your habits might just say more than you think!

Question 1/10
How many Bible verses do you have memorized?
The whole bible
A few key psalms
More than most

Question 2/10
How often do you attend church?
Every Sunday, without fail.
Most Sundays.
I go on holidays.
I don't go to church.

Question 3/10
When you do go to church, what do you wear?
My Sunday finest.
Whatever's comfortable.
A nice shirt and slacks.
My birthday suit- I don't go to church!

Question 4/10
What's the first thing you do when you arrive at church?
Greet my friends.
Kneel down and pray.
Say hi to the pastor.
Take my seat.
Like I said, I don't go to church!

Question 5/10
Do you consider missionary work to be important?
Of course.
In some ways.
It's the most important thing.
Not at all.

Question 6/10
If you were to take communion, would you drink grape juice or wine?
Wine, duh!
Grape juice.
Neither one.

Question 7/10
Would you ever invite your pastor over for dinner?
Of course, they're always welcome in my home!
If I needed to speak with them privately.
Uhhhh... no.

Question 8/10
If you were to take part in a church band, what instrument would you play?
My iPod
My voice

Question 9/10
What are you most likely to do after church?
Hang around for coffee.
Go out for brunch.
Catch a football game.
Go to bible study.

Question 10/10
When your church is singing hymns, do you actually sing or just mouth along?
I mouth along.
I sing.
It depends on the day.
Based on your religious habits, we're going to guess that you call the Pacific northwest home! It seems as if you have a true pioneer spirit. You feel deeply connected to nature and often feel the presence of god in the great outdoors. While faith isn't always a top priority, ti is important, and you show that when you choose to appreciate and respect mother nature.

Pacific Northwest
Based on your religious habits, we think you are from the West Coast, specifically, California! You're an eternal optimist who seems to run on sunshine. Even when life throws challenges your way, you stay positive and see a silver lining. You're very much a spiritual person, but organized religion and church aren't that important to you. In your mind, spirit is all around, not in a building!

The West Coast
Based on your religious habits, you're from the South! Growing up, church was a weekly thing. Every Sunday you put on your best wares and headed out for service. To you, religion is as important and vital as eating or brushing your teeth. You are a very traditional person who believes in tried-and-true doctrine. Odds are, you've read the bible more than once!

The South
Based on your religious habits, you're from the Northeast! Growing up, you had a busy family that didn't always have time for weekly service. Instead, you usually took up to heading to church on major holidays. While you believe in God, religion isn't everything, nor does it affect your other views in the world. You're very open-minded and inquisitive, which causes you to sometimes even challenge your own beliefs!

The Northeast