Can We Guess Your Best Quality Based On Your Daily Routine?

Do you believe that we can guess your best quality by your daily routine and habits? Who knew your daily routine could reveal so much! Embark on this quiz and discover who you are!

Question 1/10
What's the first thing you do in the morning?
Drink coffee
Check my email
Read the news
Take the dog out
Work out

Question 2/10
By midmorning, what are you up to?
I'm hard at work, focusing on my tasks
I'm chatting up friends and co-workers
I'm typically grabbing a snack
I'm just killing time

Question 3/10
What kind of coffee do you drink?
A signature drink or latte
A black coffee
Just cream and sugar
It varies everyday

Question 4/10
What do you typically eat for lunch?
A sandwich
Takeout from nearby
It varies daily

Question 5/10
How often do you check your email?
Every few minutes
Every half hour or so
Every hour
Every few hours
Once a day

Question 6/10
What do you do when you get out of work?
Head to the gym
Head to happy hour
Pick up the kids or go to their activities
Turn on the television
Get dinner started

Question 7/10
Do you typically cook dinner?
Most nights
Every night
Not really

Question 8/10
What's your post dinner ritual?
Browsing netflix
Helping the kids with their homework
Relaxing with a good book
Taking a shower
Catching up on housework

Question 9/10
What do you typically do right before bed?
Catch up on social media
Watch some tv
Read a book
Chat with my significant other
Think about everything I need to do the next day

Question 10/10
What time do you typically go to bed?
Around 9 or 10 pm
Around 11
Around midnight
Around 1 or 2
Based on your daily routine, your best quality is optimism! You're like sunshine on a cloudy day. Not only can you always keep a smile on your face, but you can find the silver lining in any situation. As an optimistic soul, you can spread happiness to everyone you encounter.

Based on the results of this quiz, your best quality is dependability! You're a dependable person who always follows through on a promise. Not only have you never been one to unexpectedly cancel or fail to show, but you're honesty and loyalty are always appreciated.

Based on your daily routine, you're best quality is your self motivation! You're a self starter who doesn't need an outside reason to reach your goals or complete a task. You're ambitious, devoted, and hard working!

Based on your daily routine, your best quality is self pride! You've got an amazing amount of self love and self pride for yourself. With a great sense of self worth and love, you'll never let others dictate who you are or who you should be.

Self Pride
Based on your daily routine, your best quality is your sense of humor! You can find laughter in just about any situation. Not only can you find the humor in life's everyday situations, but you spread your happiness to everyone you come in contact with!

Sense Of Humor