Can We Guess Your Biggest Pet Peeve?

Question 1/10
What is your position on pen clickers?
They need to be stopped
They're annoying
They should never be allowed access to click pens again
I'm neutral

Question 2/10
Would you feel incomplete if you left your cell phone at home?
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
Do you ever pop bubbles with your gum?
Guilty as charged
No way
Once or twice
I don't chew gum

Question 4/10
How good is your hearing?
It's amazing
It's average
It's good
Kind of lousy
None of these

Question 5/10
How would you describe your best friend in one word?

Question 6/10
How do you feel about loud carnivorous eating?
It disgusts me
It's annoying
It doesn't bother me
I'm that person
None of these

Question 7/10
Does it anger you if someone corrects your grammar?
No I appreciate it
Yes it's rude
It doesn't bother me

Question 8/10
How often do you watch reality television?

Question 9/10
Where do you find yourself feeling the most annoyed?
At work
While commuting
At school
In supermarkets
At home

Question 10/10
What's your favorite social media platform?
Your biggest pet peeve is foot tapping. We all know a serial foot tapper. Someone who can't help but tap or click their foot repeatedly for minutes at a time. The sound of this offense seriously makes your skin crawl. In your world, nothing is worse than a foot tapper!

Foot Tapping
Your biggest pet peeve is obnoxious laughter. Do you have a friend whose laugh is like nails on a chalkboard? Maybe you have a co-worker whose hyena like howl is enough to make you see red. Whatever the case, exposure to obnoxious laughter, makes you feel completely annoyed.

Obnoxious Laughter
Your biggest pet peeve is interrupting. Unfortunately, we all know someone who has a tendency to interrupt. While they may just be enthusiastic or impatient, you can't help but feel utterly slighted and annoyed when interrupted mid conversation.

Your biggest pet peeve is slow walkers. You believe that everyone should move at your quick pace, after all, there's only one life to live, why waste time? You can't stand slow moseying walkers who loiter about without purpose.

Slow Walkers
Your biggest pet peeve is loud chewing. Smacking, slurping, and cracking; loud chewing is hard to endure. When it comes to dinner, you can barely get through a meal with in the company of a loud chewer.

Loud Chewing
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Do you think we can guess what gets under your skin based on a few simple questions? It's time to find out if we can guess your biggest pet peeve!