Can We Guess Your Dream Life Based On Your Skills?

Your skills can be highly indicative of the the type of life you've always dreamt of having. Do you think we can guess your dream life based on the skills you have? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Of these common skills, which one do you excel at....
Tying a tie

Question 2/10
Not everyone has an artistic side, but which of these skills are you best at?

Question 3/10
Which outdoor skills do you possess?
Starting a fire
Bandaging a wound
Pitching a tent
Navigating without a map
Identifying plants

Question 4/10
These automotive skills don't come easy to all. Which can you do?
Change a tire
Check tire pressure
Change the oil
Replace the windshield wipers
Replace wiper fluid

Question 5/10
Owning a home can require a lot of skills. Which one do you possess?
Interior design
The proper way to fold a fitted sheet
Hanging level photographs or art work
Stopping an overflowing toilet
Repairing a leaky pipe

Question 6/10
Not everyone is tech savvy. Which of these skills do you possess?
Creating Excel spreadsheets
Creating a basic website/blog
Installing printer drivers
Setting up a wireless network

Question 7/10
Which of these culinary skills do you possess?
Pan searing a steak
Making a reduction
Cooking eggs at least three different ways
Al Dente pasta
How to properly use chopsticks

Question 8/10
Which lifesaving skill do you possess?
How to do CPR
How to do the Heimlich maneuver
How to use an Epipen
Removing a tick
Treating a sunburn

Question 9/10
Which basic life skill do you possess?
I can calculate a tip in my head
I can do a proper pushup
I can memorize phone numbers
I can tie a proper knot
I can swim

Question 10/10
Which of these difficult skills have you mastered?
Parallel parking in one try
Driving a stick shift
Removing wine stains
Jump starting a car
Removing a splinter
Based on the results of this quiz, your dream life is to find love and start a family! You don't need career success or lots of money, you simply want a family to call your own. Those you love are more important to you than anything else in life.

To Find Love And Start A Family
Based on the results of this quiz, your dream life is to start your own business! For you, being the boss and owning a business that you're passionate about is the ultimate dream. You've got the ideas and the passion, now you just need to get started!

To Start Your Own Business
According to the results of this quiz, your dream job is to turn your hobby into a full time job! Maybe you're a great painter, perhaps you're an excellent baker. Whatever skill it is you possess, you'd love to turn your hobby into a full time job!

To Turn Your Hobby Into A Full Time Job
According to the results of this quiz, your dream life would be to achieve fame! Who doesn't wonder what it's like to be rich and famous? For you, being famous would mean the ultimate life of luxury and ease. Between the adoration and the free gift bags, you'd be truly fulfilled!

To Be Famous
According to the results of this quiz your dream life is to be happy and content with as few material possessions as possible. You're seeking a noble life full of spiritual insight, beauty, and love. You don't need fame or money to find happiness, you need true spiritual fulfillment.

To Be Happy And Content With Little