Can We Guess Your Favorite Dish?

Out of all the dishes in the world, can we guess your favorite to eat?

Question 1/10
Are you a fan of pasta?
I love pasta
I'm not the biggest fan of it
It is pretty good
I hate it

Question 2/10
Which type of food can you not stand most?
Meat based food
Anything with vegetables

Question 3/10
Do you prefer dishes surrounding meat or vegetables?
I like dishes with vegetables
I prefer meat dishes
I like both
I don't have a preference

Question 4/10
Which of these do you eat most on average?
Home cooked meals
Junk food
Fast food

Question 5/10
Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
Yes I am
Not I'm not
I'm off and on

Question 6/10
Do you like spicy food?
I love spicy food
I hate it
Depends on how spicy
I'm not sure

Question 7/10
How are your eating habits?
I stick to a strict diet
I bing on junk food all the time
I eat a pretty balanced meal with treats every now and then

Question 8/10
Out of these popular fast food chains, which would you prefer to eat at the most?
Panda Express
Pizza Hut

Question 9/10
Are you a fan of junk food?
Not at all
Not really
I love it
Depends on my mood

Question 10/10
Pick a food out of these!
Cheese stick
This delicious meal is something you crave for quite often.

Eggplant Parmesan
This classic pizza is something you always love to eat whenever you can get it.

Deep Dish Pizza
This tasty sandwich saturated in the sauce of your choice always gets your stomach rumbling.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
This delicious combination of pasta, cheese and sauce is something you always crave.

This cozy meal that could easily be considered a classic, is your go to dish.