Can We Guess Your Favorite TV Show?

Do you think we can guess your favorite TV show based only on your personality? It's time to find out just how good we are. Take these 10 questions and find out if we can guess what your favorite TV show really is!

Question 1/10
What snack do you most like to eat while watching TV?
Ice cream

Question 2/10
If you were to find a one hundred dollar bill on the ground of a store,, would you return it to the manager, so that it could go back to its rightful owner?
I'd consider it
No way finder's keepers

Question 3/10
How often do you show up early for work or appointments?
Almost never

Question 4/10
How often do you utilize coupons or apps to save money?
Always I'm a bargain shopper
Only if they are convenient or handy
I never use either

Question 5/10
How are you most apt to spend a Sunday afternoon?
Lounging outside with a good book
Hanging out with the family

Question 6/10
Do you believe it is a risky move to order something new at a favorite restaurant?
No way that's what life is about!
Yes, what if it's disgusting?
It depends on my mood.

Question 7/10
How easy is it for you to express your emotions to others?
It's not easy at all
It's somewhat easy
It's very easy

Question 8/10
Do you believe that a homeless person is responsible for their own circumstances?
In some cases yes
I don't believe so
I believe that all people are responsible for their own circumstances

Question 9/10
How often do you go the extra mile when it comes to work?
Always I'm a go getter
Rarely work is hard enough
If I'm feeling ambitious

Question 10/10
After fun
Before fun
Your favorite TV show is the classic and beloved "The Carol Burnett Show." How could anyone not love this show? Premiering in 1975, "The Carol Burnett Show" quickly became a favorite in American households all across the country and yours was no exception. You loved the absurdity and clever humor involved in this amazing show!

The Carol Burnett Show
Your favorite TV show is "I Love Lucy." This show and it's epic shenanigans has captured your heart in a way no other ever has. This sitcom starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz has always been special to you. From the humor to the plots to Lucy's antics, this show has truly stood the test of time in terms of being your favorite.

I Love Lucy
Your favorite TV show is "The Mary Tyler Moore Show!" This show and it's hardworking female star has always served as a great source of inspiration for you. Mary and her co-workers have always inspired you to work hard, play hard, and chase after your dreams!

The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Your favorite TV show is "Saturday Night Live!" This iconic comedy show has stood the test of time for a reason; it's the most relevant humor of any show on television. Not only do you love the characters and shorts associated with this show, but you love the musical guests and news updates as well.

Saturday Night LIve
Your favorite TV show is MASH! You've always had a fascination with the Vietnam war and this show only fuels that fire. You find the drama, writing, and characterizations featured on this show to be so enthralling and lively, that the episodes stay with you long after you're through watching them.