Can We Guess Your Favorite Wine Based On Your Personality Type?

Forget every other cocktail on earth and let's focus on wine! Can we guess which glass of vino you crave the most with just a few personality questions? How you answer and who you are can easily reveal your favorite glass of wine! Will we get it right the first time? Hit start to find out!

Question 1/10
Where would you most like to drink a glass of wine right now?

Question 2/10
You've meticulously planned a vacation, but nothing is working out. How do you feel?
Totally stressed and overwhelmed.
Just fine, I'll go with the flow.
I'd never plan anything, that's not me.

Question 3/10
Every glass of wine has a unique flavor note. Which matches your personality best?

Question 4/10
You have a lot of work to get done this week, but a friend wants you to play hooky and spend the day at the beach. What do you do?
Play hooky, you only live once!
I'd take a half day.
I'd stay at work and power through.
I'd just ignore her.

Question 5/10
How dry would you say your sense of humor is most of the time?
Very dry, desert dry!
A little bit dry.
British dry.
Not very dry at all.

Question 6/10
Which flavor profile best describes you as a person?

Question 7/10
If you had a day off, would you want to stay in or go out?
I'd want to stay in and relax.
I'd like to stay in for a bit and go out for a bit.
I'd want to go out!

Question 8/10
Is your intellect more complex and open-minded compared to other people?
I'm not sure, never thought about it.
I think I'm more intelligent than most.
I'm slightly above average.
I don't really think so.

Question 9/10
Choose vessel to drink your wine out of:
Stemless glass
Plastic cup
Proper wine glass
Champagne flute

Question 10/10
How patient are you in general?
I'm pretty much a Buddhist monk.
I'd say I'm more patient than most.
I'm patient enough.
I'm not very patient.
Based on your personality, we’d say that you love a great glass of pinot noir! You’re a total shapeshifter. Depending on who you’re with, you can easily become one person or another. While some people bring out a confident and bold personality, others cause you to be gentle and subdued. Much like this wine, you possess many layers and complexities

Pinot Noir
Based on your personality, we’d say that you love a great glass of Chardonnay! A feminine soft and easygoing gal, you personify all the best aspects of a glass of chardonnay. Sweet and sour, you’re not always one thing or the other, which makes you quite fun to be around. While you often hide your truest self from those that are new, you always let out your quiet calm and intelligence as soon as they get to know you.

Based on your personality, we’d say that you love a great glass or rose! Adventurous, fun and never too serious. You’re not someone who sweats the small stuff or frets about the future. While some are worried about tomorrow, you’re focused on the here and now. You’re fun loving and always down to socialize or get together with your best gal pals!

Based on your personality, we’d say that you love a great glass of merlot! Dark, complex and highly intelligent. You’re a woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. You think deeply about your life and your choices, which is why you pride yourself on being a very intelligent and wise soul.