Can We Guess Your Signature Photo Pose?

When you snap a selfie or take a group shot, what's your signature pose? Did you know the pose you choose can easily be determined by your unique personality? Let us try and guess your signature pose! Simply answer 10 key questions and we'll hit back with your photo pose of choice!

Question 1/10
Where are most of your photos taken?
It depends on the day...

Question 2/10
What percent of your photos are selfies?
100 percent
70 percent
50 percent
20 percent

Question 3/10
When you greet someone, it is usually with a....
Peace sign
Kiss on the cheek

Question 4/10
Take a look at your phone. What are most of your photos of?
My dinner or meal
My pet
My friends and I

Question 5/10
Which celebrity style icon do you look up to the most?
Princess Diana
Jackie Kennedy
Kim Kardashian
Lady Gaga

Question 6/10
What style of jeans do you like the best?
Flare leg

Question 7/10
How would you rather spend your time?
Walking the dog
Hanging out with friends
Going to a concert
Going to the beach

Question 8/10
Where do you keep your photos?
None of these

Question 9/10
What is your favorite part of the week?
Friday to Sunday
Monday to Thursday
It depends on the week

Question 10/10
When's the last time you took a mirror selfie?
A few years ago
A few months ago
Your signature photo pose is the one fit forward! Much like you, this pose is probably the most authentic of all. Simply put, you always step one foot forward to give your body a natural curve. Not only do you look great, but you always look like your most authentic and true self. No fake Instagram tactics here!

The One Foot Forward
Your signature photo pose is the over the shoulder! That's right, you just can't help but pop your head over your shoulder as if gazing back in nearly every photo you take. Though not always natural, you love the way this photo looks. This is the official pose of coy social butterflies like yourself!

The Over The Shoulder
Your signature photo pose is the prop grab! In every photo, you can't help but grab or hold onto some kind of prop. Whether it's a flower you just picked or the camera itself, you're always holding onto something. As a very shy and reserved person, this prop helps you feel a bit more secure.

The Prop Grab
Your signature photo pose is the skinny arm! You're all about that optical illusion trick of making your arm's look phenomenal in photos. Though you're typically a pretty confident person, you can still be a bit self conscious from time to time. The skinny arm helps you feel like your best self in photos.

The Skinny Arm