Can You Prove You Grew Up In The 1970’s?

Did you experience your childhood in this decade?

Question 1/10
How well do you remember the 70's?
Pretty well
It's a bit foggy
Not at all

Question 2/10
How old were you during the 70's?
I was a child
I was a teenager
I was an adult
I was an infant
I wasn't born yet

Question 3/10
Do you have mostly bad or good memories associated with the 70's?
Bad memories
Good memories

Question 4/10
Were you involved in the free-spirited lifestyle?
Of course
For the most part
Not really
No I wasn't

Question 5/10
Which trend of the 70's are you a fan of?
Bell bottoms
Cutout swimsuits
Patterned gowns
Knee high socks

Question 6/10
Were you in school in the 70's?
Yes I was
No I wasn't
No I was working

Question 7/10
Were you greatly involved in social activities?
Of course
Not usually
No I wasn't

Question 8/10
Were you married during the 70's?
Yes I was
No but I was engaged
No I wasn't

Question 9/10
Do you have any photos showing you in the 70's?
Of course
I use to
No I don't

Question 10/10
Are most of the people you knew in the 70's still alive?
Yes they are
Most of them are
No they're not
You have no trouble proving you grew up during the 1970's. You remember quite a bit about that decade and you're quite nostalgic about your younger years.

Of Course You Can
You'd have no problem proving to most people that you grew up during the 1970's. Of course there will be a few people who don't believe but the people who also grew up during the decade will definitely believe you.

You Can For The Most Part
The 70's are a bit of a foggy memory to you. You may have been a child at the time or it just wasn't a remarkable decade to you but you'd probably have a hard time proving anything.

You're Unsure Of What You Remember
You can't prove that you grew up during the 1970's. You don't have enough evidence to show that you grew up during the decade.

No You Can't