Can You Survive A Day On The KETO Diet?

The KETO diet may be one of the most fool proof ways to lose weight, but could you actually survive on this diet for long? Could you make it one whole day eating only KETO approved foods? Let's find out the easy way!

Question 1/10
Choose one thing to have for breakfast:
A bagel with cream cheese
A veggie omlette
Two eggs and bacon
A bowl of oatmeal with blueberries

Question 2/10
Everyone wants a little coffee to start the day. What's in yours?
I'll take mine black.
Cream and sugar.
Skim milk and stevia.
Collagen powder.

Question 3/10
It's normal to feel hungry mid-morning. Which snack would you reach for?
A granola bar.
A Greek yogurt.
A handful of almonds.

Question 4/10
Lunchtime! What are you having?
Caesar salad
Chicken quesadilla
Grilled shrimp
Ham and cheese sandwich

Question 5/10
As afternoon lurches in, you start feeling a bit sluggish. What will you do to fuel up?
Grab some popcorn.
Eat a string cheese stick.
Grab some pretzels.
Eat a spoon of almond butter.

Question 6/10
Time for dinner! What's your last meal of the day?
Salmon with grilled asparagus.
Spaghetti and meatballs.
Steak and baked potato.
Butternut squash mac n' cheese.

Question 7/10
How about a drink with dinner?
A glass of red wine.
A light beer.
Just water.

Question 8/10
Will you be having some bread with dinner?
Yes, I'm not a heathen.
Maybe just a bite...
Noep, no way.

Question 9/10
Dessert is calling your name. What's your choice?
Strawberries with a bit of whipped cream.
A scoop of frozen yogurt.
Apple pie.

Question 10/10
You're craving a midnight snack. What do you reach for?
A bag of chips.
A piece of cheese.
Some deli meat.
An oreo or two.
Not only could you survive a day on the KETO diet, you would thrive! Based on your answers, you would eat just the right amount of protein and carbs to truly make the most of your KETO plan. Now go forth and get started. You've got this!

You Could Survive And Thrive!
You could survive a day on the KETO diet.... barely! Based on the choices you made, you would veer dangerously close to eating TOO many carbs to make it on KETO. Hey, we get it, carbs are seriously life. Bread and pasta are hard to quit, but if you're going to make it on this diet, you'll have to make better choices!

You Would Make It...barely!
You would not survive a day on the KETO diet! Unfortunately, your answers revealed that you truly love your carbs. SInce KETO is all about limiting carbs, this diet would be pretty hard for you. Hey, we get it, carbs are the best and KETO isn't for everyone. Now go enjoy some bread and keep on doing you! You'll find your perfect diet or nutrition plan one day.

You Would Not Survive The Day!