Can You Survive The Worst Day Ever?

Do you have what it takes to survive the worst day ever? It won't be easy and only the strong will prevail, but with the right personality, anyone can make it through this bad day! Ready to find out if you've got what it takes? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
You wake up only to realize your alarm never went off. Now you're running late. What do you do?
Jump out of bed and get myself together in like 10 minutes.
Just stay calm and get to work.
Drink my coffee, call in sick, and hang out for the day.

Question 2/10
As you're driving you spill your cup of coffee all over your work pants. The stain is pretty noticeable. What do you do?
Burst out in to tears.
Let the curse words fly.
Vent about it to my pals at work.
Remind myself it's not a big deal.

Question 3/10
You get to work and your boss is already criticizing you about something you did. What's your move?
Let them say their side and then explain myself.
Get really upset and cry in the bathroom.
Storm off in a huff, no one talks to me like that.
Grin and bear it, this happens.

Question 4/10
It's lunchtime. You go to the fridge and realize someone stole your lunch. What do you do?
Start accusing anyone and everyone who enters the room.
Go out for lunch instead.
Steal someone else's lunch.
Grab something from the vending machine.

Question 5/10
You're at work when you get a call from your beau. They're canceling on you for the evening. What do you do?
Tell them it's no big deal, it'd be nice to have some time alone.
Curse them out for the short notice.
Silently brood to myseflf.

Question 6/10
You make it through work and hop in the car. Uh-oh, it won't start. Looks like the battery is dead. What do you do?
Calmly call a tow truck and wait in the parking lot.
Ask someone to jump me.
Start crying, it's a theme today.
Abandon the car and take the bus.

Question 7/10
You decided to grab some fast food. Once you get home you realize they didn't give you fries. How do you feel?
Totally jilted and overwhelmed. Why do bad things happen to good people?
Bummed out but it's okay, mistakes happen.
So angry that I drive down and demand some fries.

Question 8/10
After the day you've had, you're hunkering down in "me" mode. How do you take care of yourself?
A hot bath and lots of wine.
Call up my Mom to vent.
Funny TV shows and lots of snacks.
None of these.

Question 9/10
You've almost made it through the day, but not before you find out the dog peed on the bed. What's your move?
Yell at the dog and then hit the wine bottle.
Strip the sheets and get to taking care of business.
Sleep on the couch, I'm over this day.

Question 10/10
Time for bed, how will you wind down?
A good book and a mug of tea.
TV and funny YouTube videos.
A meditation app.
Congratulations, you could easily survive the worst day ever! No amount of bad luck is going to get you down. While it can be annoying to have a murphy's law kind of day, you know that even the worst days won't last forever. No matter what the situation, you keep a positive attitude and your eye on the prize!

You Can Survive The Worst Day Ever!
You could possibly survive the worst day ever, but it sure wouldn't be easy! While you would muddle through the first half of the day with an optimism that things might get better, by day's end, you'd be feeling pretty beaten and defeated. Don't worry, you'll still make it out alive!

You Could Probably Survive The Worst Day Ever!
Well, this quiz revealed that you could not survive the worst day ever! Though you may be resilient and strong, you've had too many bad days to count and you're tired of leading a Murphy's Law kind of life. While making it through a bad day isn't easy, remember that it is possible. Nothing lasts forever!

You Will Not Survive The Worst Day Ever!