Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Would you be able to fight off the zombies and live or will you become one of them?

Question 1/10
How much survival knowledge do you have?
A whole lot
Not much
Practically none

Question 2/10
You overhear a broadcast that there are unknown creatures attacking the surrounding areas. What's your first course of action?
Just Ignore it
Run and tell my loved ones
Prepare for the invasion by gathering supplies
Grab a weapon
I don't know exactly

Question 3/10
Pick a place to set up your base
Probably the mall
My home
The supermarket
Outdoor supply store

Question 4/10
You only have a few minutes to grab some supplies before your home is overrun. What do you grab?
Probably sentimental things
Food and water
A bunch of clothes
Probably some food and a weapon
A first aid kit and some bottled water

Question 5/10
What will you wear outside?
Shorts and long sleeves
A turtleneck and jeans
A jacket and jeans
Something cute
A bathing suit

Question 6/10
Your weapon of choice?
A sawed off shotgun
A sniper rifle
A small pistol

Question 7/10
You see a group of zombie approaching a helpless person. You can either save them and risk yourself or abandoned them. What do you choose?
I'd definitely go help
I wouldn't want to but I'd leave them
Leave them without a second choice

Question 8/10
You find out your mother has been infected and has only a small time left. What do you do?
Kill her off before she can change
Throw her out of your base before she changes
Do nothing. You're staying with until the end
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
You pass by someone who is apparently starving. You only have a very small amount food left. It's probably enough to feed one person. What do you do?
Give it to them of course
Just walk past without a thought
Apologize but leave them

Question 10/10
You're surrounded by zombies with no weapons left. What do you do?
Panic and scream
Try to run away
Fight them off with you hands
Try to act like a zombie to escape
You would be able to defend against the zombies and survive. No, you'd do more than survive, you'd thrive in your new world.

You would be able to survive in your world but it will be a long hard road. You'll face many trials and tribulations but you will survive.

You would hold out for as long as possible but you'll eventually succumb to your injuries or starvation.

You wouldn't be able to survive for long because you care too much for others. You would want to put other's lives before you and you would lose your life.

You wouldn't have any chance for survival. You'd more than likely be one of the first zombies or even the first ever zombie.